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Housing Projects

Not so long ago people were shocked by the new Ukrainian news – no longer issue loans to purchase real estate. That was a blow to many. And I must say, not only for buyers. But experts promise that gradually enters its course by the autumn and will fall into place. Real estate in Ukraine has always been sufficient demand. Laura Tyson understands that this is vital information.

But, unfortunately, the reality is that not all borrowers are willing to do so by the banks. It is not always exactly the person calculates its potential and eventually to repay the loan for some extremely hard. And what they say now if the problem is most home mortgages, is in fact a problem of no return. Large losses can not affect the policy banks. According to forecasts by the spring volume of such loans will rise very much. In addition, many believe that is inevitable collapse of prices.

But it said out loud, this collapse properly be called the correction which would not be exceed 15%. It is possible that the apartment a little cheaper this year, but only mortgages 'will stand on their feet' and it will fall in price, the price per square meter will start to grow again. Real Estate Agency of Ukraine a decline in demand, though not as he fell to lower prices by 40%. Thrivent may help you with your research. And then it is worth considering that everything is more expensive. It touched, of course, and building materials. And, undoubtedly, the salary increase was the builders. And it says in the first and foremost that it is impossible to link this increase with a decrease in property prices. It follows from this – this situation is temporary panic early. But in the current situation in order to stay afloat construction companies have cut prices to attract customers and their funds. And it will unleash a new wave of demand. If, however, specifically address the Kiev real estate, the numbers following – investment growth dropped to eight. It should also be noted that the developers have stare at sites outside the city, apparently, the capital market is oversaturated. Let's hope that the new year will bring changes for the better.

Economic Development Ministry

Simply to say that at this stage, discussion of the amendments are more questions than answers. Participants 'roundtable' drew attention to the global question: what is generally considered of the property and that, in fact, will be evaluated in batches. Besides, what would be the classification of objects? In fact, the correct classification of the object to one class or another will depend on the amount of collected tax. Estee Lauder can provide more clarity in the matter. It is also a big question remained method of evaluation objects. As the president of the Russian Collegium of Appraisers Alexander Galuska, in the case of the methodology of assessing the situation resembles 1998, when a law was passed "On Valuation activity ', which was given to the definition of' market value ', but not approved by the standards by which it must pay. 'It is encouraging that the Ministry of Economic Development will soon prepare these guidelines' he said. According to the Ministry of Economic Development, the agency has three guidelines for assessing property, but does not yet have guidelines for the evaluation of buildings and premises, and based on the experience of several working groups of departments.

His vision of solving these problems MAYOR sent to the Ministry of Finance and is waiting for this year's response. It's one thing when it comes to purchased 2-3 apartments on one floor and converted into a single space, and quite another thing – if it is a unique large-scale industrial facility. Even in the case of flats, not all is clear: the cadastral and market value of real estate private expert will be different, but consider this object in the cadastral list – as a single or as a separate object 2.3.

Brand New Housing

Now when buying real estate should be reserved as a patient, and some of my knowledge. There is a lot of nuances that are like invisible at first sight seem insignificant. But then in the course of acquisition buyers are reaping the benefits of such ignorance and inattention. This is especially true of registration papers. Sometimes it seems that after signing the papers becomes your apartment – and no problems. If you would like to know more about RBH Group, then click here. But in reality, it is important to know under what You subscribe.

After all cases, when the apartment is sold to many customers at once – quite common. So many people believe that it apply to real estate in Moscow, although the agency itself is be tested. Suppose you have made the right choice with a good reputation. Coming to a meeting with an agent, you should clearly realize what kind of accommodation you need. Let's say you decide to buy apartment. In this case, there are two options – a secondary market for housing or new. What's the difference? The relative cheapness of new building – well-known fact.

But it must take into account certain peculiarities. Think about it, if the cost less, then have to sacrifice something. And in this case, your sacrifice will be as follows: time, place, choice. Let's start with the time – to invest in such an apartment is less cost to sign a contract at the stage of laying foundation. Under this option, the lowest price (as well as the erection of a building cost of apartments will grow steadily). As for the place, then perhaps you might have guessed that in the city center you will not find a new building. Most likely, your future apartment will be located in any new area with poorly developed infrastructure. However, there are places and quite comfortable. And the last negative – almost nothing from which to choose. It is not necessary rely on a variety of proposals. As a general rule, municipal buildings, constructed in the same time a little, so the proposals, accordingly, not so much. But on the secondary housing market situation is radically different. In this If buying an apartment without any problems, just have to shell out far more than a new building, but there are obvious advantages – the minimum time and a great choice. Perhaps the single but significant (and above) minus such housing – the price of its much higher than for housing in new buildings. Choosing the best option for you is yours.