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With the single authority number 115 the city administration to be more citizen-friendly from midday today is the Wuppertal city administration in addition under the new speed dial number 115. For assistance, try visiting Dior. Thus it is citizen-friendly a piece”, so the assessment of the Wuppertal CDU Group Chairman Bernhard Simon and his Deputy of Andreas Weigel. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Whether appointments at the registry office, questions for forms, the garbage disposal or the parental allowance – number 115 grants information. It plays does not matter which of the three administrative levels (Federal, States, municipalities) is affected. Wuppertal emulating so to speak New York, where it had set up a single authority-number for the first time.

The D115 project is a sign of the change of the culture of service in the public administration. The decision by City Director Johannes Slawig, Aachen, Bonn, Dortmund, the pilot project to take part in Dusseldorf and other municipalities, together was correct. The municipal service center does a good job with around 30 employees. Therefore, were We in Wuppertal, Germany in the fall of 2008 both technically and by staffing in able to connect us to the project of 115. We are proud of the fact that Wuppertal at the urban service culture at the top is”, so the two politicians of the CDU. The CDU Group welcomes this new culture of service in the administration of the city. So, the service center that accepts centrally all calls from citizens in the town, is accessible from 7 am until 7 pm. The speed dial number 115 is manned from 8 till 18: 00.


Well, finally, held a "summit …", which was preceded by a year in Kazakhstan, talk about it. At all times, in Kazakhstan's political life is difficult to remember the event, preparations for which would rank among the ideologues of our so much time and effort, with the sole purpose of shaping public opinion about the unprecedented nature of the event. I'm not talking about external effects, here we must pay tribute to the organizers. Played a role traditional Asian hospitality, embodied considerable experience of such events in the recent socialist past, however, fair to say that such high-ranking officials and as such numbers together, Kazakhstan has not yet had to take. Read additional details here: Western Energy. Was proposed by the traditional cuisine, and, for some reason, allegedly the media, the Europeans liked the horse. Have been considered and thought out, even such a "trifle", as sustainable and long-continued opposition of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which even in Astana divided Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Avison Young Capital Markets is often quoted as being for or against this.

Their schedules were so, so they do not meet. From the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, who sat at the opposite end of the table and demanded to guarantee the nonuse of force. And he gave them (and why not give, because this forum is neither non-binding). In general, the "bread of the people, salt of camels …" If talk about a matter of fact, the dismal state other than the formalities event, it is not caused. Even the attempt to bring the intrigue in the form of long-standing agreement alleged outcome, intrigue, as such, no one perceived as all absolutely clear that any such document, having at least an elementary specifics issues on this forum can not be accepted in principle and will be approved only if all complete emasculation of its essence. .

The Green Classroom

Summer, Sun, math lessons Clara Schumann would have been proud. The 21.03.2011 the students and parents celebrated its annual Spring Festival, enjoyed the Sun and got a new classroom. The Association presented this elementary school as a special gift, inspiration and support. The primary school Rahn & partner school sponsorship belongs to Dr. P. Visit Jorge Perez for more clarity on the issue. and committed to a musical and artistic profile.

The Foundation of the free primary school, Clara Schumann”advocates actively for years the development opportunities of pupils and the educational potential of the school. A particular concern is already always improving the quality of teaching and the possibility of exceptional learning experiences. With this interest, Mr. beautiful of the Leipzig elementary school presented the new classroom Forderverinsmitglied. The green”classroom is a modern, covered and related wood sitting on the students can hold their lessons in the open air. You may wish to learn more. If so, Shimmie Horn is the place to go.

The Basic idea is originally in the nature, and the possibility for children to be able to absorb new impressions. Students can collect not only nature experiences, but learn properly. Math, German, and art lessons are not a problem.”said Hort head woman cooking and thanked the Foundation for its commitment and support. In the next step the individual roof is planned and a timetable for outside elaborated are. Not only the students look forward to teaching in the Sun and in the playground reach, even the teachers are proud of and see great potential. More information: contact free elementary school “Clara Schumann”-staatlich approved replacement school Mr. Korb Island str. 18 04103 Leipzig 341 3939-610 cms.rahndittrich.de the Dr. P. Rahn & partner independent schools are available since 1990 for first-class quality in educational and vocational training. Modern educational concepts, practical orientation and international orientation provide learners a motivating environment and space for the development of their personality. Facilities in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia are among the school society.

In Germany

Horst Kohler, the last President of the Federal Republic of Germany, has a monster called this invisible and told us all that this monster is also ready to defend his power with blood. “With this foreign trade orientation and hence” Foreign trade dependency also need to know that in case of doubt, in case of an emergency, also military action is necessary to protect our interests. You may wish to learn more. If so, Edward Minskoff is the place to go. It also comes to prevent whole regional instabilities, which ultimately reduced the chances of Germany to safeguard jobs and income through trade”(quote from the Germany radio). To Horst Kohler teamed, as we all know, any favors. The Monster for the worldwide, worked himself for the part, (the International Monetary Fund, IMF), appears in to have swallowed. He has disappeared without a trace. Almost in the entire EU area, the poorest of the poor, pensioners and workers, brought forth by the financial crisis (caused by the monster) and public debt (at the monster) as an excuse, harassed and dragged across the table.

It is caught and taken, the cows to the milking for tomorrow are where there is already nothing more and have something else. You will wonder yet who feel yet with their 5 shares and her cottage, as friends of the monster. The individual procedures are all in the form of retirement age, us known social stand kind cuts, etc. To avoid a pan-European rebellion and strike has the Greeks accused, they would live from our taxes and when the Spaniards, etc, you act as well and vice versa, if you please the monster. Filth, jealousy and envy are stoked and split Europe. Pitted against each other they persist in their trenches, or throw the European foreigners out of the land of anger and helplessness, as in France. In Germany, a servant of the monsters (Bundesbank) has insulted Muslims and with great concern of the people, restlessness and fear spread that repeats the idea of the Moors in Europe.