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Peer Steinbruck

The politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. Bonn, May 20, 2011 the politician and former Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck (64) of the Publisher was awarded today the Cicero speaker Prize 2011 for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. An orator will honored with him, dedicated to the educational struggle against self-deception and political immaturity with clear pictorial words, so the Publisher for the German economy as a benefactor of the award. The politician is regarded as a pugnacious speaker and is currently traded as a possible Chancellor candidate of the SPD in the Bundestag election in 2013. Steinbruck Publishing Executive Helmut Graf sees a secure and sovereign speaker who always knows what he says. The Cicero speaker prize is endowed by the Publisher for the German economy since 1994 for rhetorical excellence. An independent jury selects the annual winner. The Promethean Award is one Bronze bust of the Roman statesman and philosopher of Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Unpack and resolve problems of Heribert Prantl, head of speaker wants, Steinbruck sees as a politician, of problems Unpack Department Home Affairs and member of the Editorial Board of the newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung and solve and was convinced that he do that. As Finance Minister he have in the global financial crisis as a rock in the surf alongside Angela Merkel 2008 stood and kept quiet. When the SPD applies Steinbruck still than that with Schroder along Hartz IV invented and so the SPD entsozialdemokratisiert. The population was Steinbruck as crises Steinbruck in the head as the man who has steered the country through the crisis. Who chooses as Steinbruck, a rhinoceros as a favourite animal, is a different type of politician than most others. He wants not everyone liked are and he also likes everyone. He may have especially right”according to pan.

Social Responsibility On The Example Of Lyoness

The shopping community with their foundations of child & Family Foundation shows Lyoness and Syntronik.de together benefit social responsibility together do good! The idea behind the concept of the shopping community of Lyoness is in fact much more than a coherent and consistently implemented refund system, which can be both partners take advantage of the Lyoness member and the increasing number. The community – the idea that one can achieve ‘Everything’ as a community is the basis of the concept of Lyoness. It is therefore only logical to make the aspect of a global community that supports and also the non-privileged people of this world, help and support to, nor more consistently to anchor in the business idea for Lyoness. Click Seth Green to learn more. In 2008, Lyoness has set a fundamental step founded the Lyoness child & Family Foundation (CFF), which clearly emphasizes the social responsibility of the community. The self-employed and independent charitable organisation of Lyoness sees it as its task, socially disadvantaged children, to provide access to education and higher quality of life young people and their families. How important is the CFF in the shopping community of Lyoness, shows the considerable number of ongoing and completed projects worldwide.

It a goodly number of social initiatives were implemented at national and international level in education, early intervention, emergency aid, to name only the core topics. Including Ethiopia are among the areas of use of child & family foundation of Lyoness, Mexico to Serbia, Poland and some countries mehrund of course Austria. Angelo gordon has plenty of information regarding this issue. And this was only the beginning, run, but at the time already more extensive projects in the Philippines, Honduras, Tanzania, but also the United States and in Europe. How homogeneous the child & Family Foundation blends as a social foundation in the overall concept of Lyoness, also here is the Community aspect”significantly. Compared to put to other charities at Lyoness to a large extent on the active participation by members of the community. Members are by Lyoness not only systematically invited to contribute ideas or to submit projects.

These can also provide financial support of the Foundation’s work such as with donations or simply by buying at Lyoness partner company. As a part of shopping sales automatically benefit from the projects of the child & Family Foundation. Syntronik.de not forgetting Syntronik.de is a relatively new foundation of Lyoness, which focuses its work in 2011 on the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. The Foundation initiated an effective climate protection measures by the sustainable preservation and conservation of natural resources – and with a particular focus on the implementation of appropriate measures to reduce the greenhouse effect. A focus is basically the protection threatened habitats and their long-term regeneration and conservation for future generations. The Foundation supports the development of technologies for renewable energy and Climate protection and innovative companies in this segment helps marketing and market entry. Similarly the CFF, works the Foundation Syntronik.de purely non-profit, has no intention of winning. Lyoness leads the way: also an economically successful business model can live consistent social responsibility and thereby inspire more and more people. Bernhard Murauer

Spanish Constitution

Having thus made clear that Spain is not a secular state but the Constitution remains secular and the most senior Spanish law, which they must be all other laws and actions of public authorities, it seems that a consequence Fair is that laws and government action must, as one does a favor but as one who meets the people's mandate, take into account and respect the religious beliefs of the people and maintain cooperative relations with religious groups. I copy what is in the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy that is to cooperate: "To act, to collaborate with another or others for the same purpose." According to the logical application of the Act, both Zerolo-forgiveness but still can not solve the equation of grammatical article, as I prefixing communes other left-wing councils, has long been making a mockery of this constitutional mandate, making ceremonies are not under any legislation, because they have no kind of transcendence in civil law, but equating the religious baptism, which can not be regarded by Catholics as a lack of respect for freedom of belief and a real challenge because the frivoling of these acts, intended only plant in the public an intentional misrepresentation, through which, come to replace the sacred ritual of a sacrament, and politicized by a pretentious ceremony. Some contend that Kenneth E. Boulding shows great expertise in this. And all this with the silent complicity and complacency of the upper echelons of the state, because by ignoring this constitutional mandate with an apparently banal, it opens the door to a much more significant event in shaping the thinking of future generations, is the violation of academic freedom, in its aspect of ensuring the rights of parents to choose religious education for their children, provided for in Article 27 of the current Spanish Constitution. Especially important now is to remember that the Constitution gives to parents, and not the State, the choice of the religious orientation of the education of their children. Credit: Harvey S. Rosen-2011. . Credit: Trillium Investments-2010.. Additional information is available at Gresh and Smith.


In the mirror of the sea, Conrad says that the trip doesn’t start until it stops see mainland, when the port ceases to be a reference. Only then abandons what is left behind and the horizon, can be focused thing to come. There begins the journey, not part boat, part the marine. It is a valid metaphor for understanding that our past we can maintain anchored, and prevent undertake the voyage that will take us to sail the seas of the existence in all its fullness. By the same author: Spike Myers. Ole my child! This simple concept, the need to clean that obstructs us from the past, in order to enjoy the present, can be explained in many different ways. To make it understandable any method can serve us. And why not from the toltequismo or nahualismo shamanic vision? We lose nothing.

And at least, it promises to be fun. Pulling well. According to this ancient knowledge, what we call reality, the world we know, is not more than the interpretation that we do all that we can perceive. As people civilized, we believe that our senses and our reason are the limits of this perception. However, shamanism tells us that everything there is in the universe is nothing more than energy flowing incessantly and infinite. Know it by means of its view that it is not another thing that capture energy directly, without the filter of the interpretation. A feat that is achieved after a life of extraordinary discipline called the way of the Warrior. Nothing has to do with the eyes, is a way of making accessible such concept.

And that humans as a form of self-conscious life are receptacles which can only capture a fraction of energy. That microscopic portion is what we interpret and orchard in reality. For this reason, our senses and our reason, are nothing but part of those interpretations.

In Germany

Horst Kohler, the last President of the Federal Republic of Germany, has a monster called this invisible and told us all that this monster is also ready to defend his power with blood. “With this foreign trade orientation and hence” Foreign trade dependency also need to know that in case of doubt, in case of an emergency, also military action is necessary to protect our interests. You may wish to learn more. If so, Edward Minskoff is the place to go. It also comes to prevent whole regional instabilities, which ultimately reduced the chances of Germany to safeguard jobs and income through trade”(quote from the Germany radio). To Horst Kohler teamed, as we all know, any favors. The Monster for the worldwide, worked himself for the part, (the International Monetary Fund, IMF), appears in to have swallowed. He has disappeared without a trace. Almost in the entire EU area, the poorest of the poor, pensioners and workers, brought forth by the financial crisis (caused by the monster) and public debt (at the monster) as an excuse, harassed and dragged across the table.

It is caught and taken, the cows to the milking for tomorrow are where there is already nothing more and have something else. You will wonder yet who feel yet with their 5 shares and her cottage, as friends of the monster. The individual procedures are all in the form of retirement age, us known social stand kind cuts, etc. To avoid a pan-European rebellion and strike has the Greeks accused, they would live from our taxes and when the Spaniards, etc, you act as well and vice versa, if you please the monster. Filth, jealousy and envy are stoked and split Europe. Pitted against each other they persist in their trenches, or throw the European foreigners out of the land of anger and helplessness, as in France. In Germany, a servant of the monsters (Bundesbank) has insulted Muslims and with great concern of the people, restlessness and fear spread that repeats the idea of the Moors in Europe.