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Dermatologist Tips

Dermatologist Tips – cleanse your skin first secret flawless skin – it is nothing like it properly cleansed. The most important thing – it's perfectly clear skin, and only then is moisturizing and good care. That's why today's article in on our website is dedicated to cleanse the skin gloryons.ru! The ideal tool for cleaning, what do we want from the cleanser? It removes makeup well It does not damage the skin It is minimally It remains on the skin maintains an optimal pH – 5,5 More personal agent for cleaning should not do: neither rejuvenate or wet – it's just not his job if your vehicle causes itching, redness, peeling, dryness, and other troubles, so it has more acid or alkali, What you need, then it violates the normal pH of skin and you do not podhodit.Tak a means to cleanse you choose? Gels, foams, mousses and other means of foaming cleanser! You can choose something not so common, for example, litokompleks, hydrophilic or oil obychnyeovsyanye hlopya.A except milk or cream to remove makeup does not fit? My dear, think about the title – it's 'Milk Makeup Remover'! That is, in fact, it is intended to Softening and removing makeup, but not for cleaning the face. Arthur F. Burns has firm opinions on the matter. How we use the milk to remove makeup? We put him on the face, a little forward to cosmetics opened, and erase the cotton pad. What we erase? – A mix of makeup, dirt and milk. But no one in the world will not erase the mixture so that the face is nothing left! Moreover – Milk and cream are made on the basis of the cream, so – make the skin oily film, which is not conducive to clean skin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Atreides Management Gavin Baker.


Cotton wool on a stick must be securely fastened, and tightly wound in sufficient quantities. We should also stipulate the use of special wet facial tissue. They can replace and cleansers, and cotton pads or balls, so easy to use when away from home or for a full cleaning in no time. Wipes can be impregnated with a lotion or cream composition of the toner and can be used for cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin. Make-up removal procedure is carried out in three stages.

Makeup removal lips. Put on a cotton ball milk or other makeup remover and gently, holding the corners of her mouth, take off your lipstick in the direction of the corner of the lips to the middle. Not should remove the lipstick, using water and soap, as soap dries the mucous is very lips. Stain resistant lipsticks, which is deeply penetrated into the mucosa, it is recommended to remove, using a fat-containing means. Makeup removal eye. For soft and delicate area around the eyes, use special equipment, the last ophthalmologic control. Thanks to the active substances within their structure, they quickly dissolve makeup, soothe eyelid skin and reduce puffiness and circles under the eyes. There is another advantage: the pH of these funds is identical to the acidity of the tears, and so, even once in the eye, they do not cause discomfort.

If ever suffered the shade, Makeup removal is necessary to begin with eye shadows. Moisten a cotton pad and remove wash the shade, moving pad on the lower eyelid from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, and on top, on the contrary, from the nose to the temple. Mascara should be removed directing traffic from the roots to the tips of eyelashes – while making sure your vehicle has not got the mucous membrane of the eye. The most accurate it can be done using cotton buds. To do this, soak a wash and wash wand ink by the same movements, what you applied it. Another way to remove mascara with eyelash: cut the cotton ball into two halves, each wet wash and put under the lower eyelid. Another drive, also dipped in a special facility, Mascara should be removed by careful movements of the growth of eyelashes. This method helps prevent stretching the delicate skin of eyelids. No matter which way you take ink, then rinse the eyes should be cool water to remove excess cleanser. Makeup removal face and neck. Depending on the funds you have chosen, this procedure can be performed using water or not. If you used to wash water, prefer gels, foams and mousses. Wash with cool water without fail, it tones the skin and tightens pores. Cream, jelly or any other demakiyator put on a cotton pad and carefully, but not rubbing, wipe his face with a strictly along the massage lines from the center of the forehead to the temples, from nose wings along the cheekbones, the chin to the ear lobes. Depending on your preference, after the milk or cream you can refresh your skin tonic. The application of these simple rules allow you to do the daily make-up removal process easy and enjoyable, and your skin – fresh and clean.