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Teaching Hospitals

The Teaching Hospital is a part of the Education, whose object of study, research and dedication is the individual hospital, child or adult, to continue with its cultural and educational learning, and to be able to cope with their disease, with emphasis on personal care and the mental health care. It is, first, to meet the educational needs of learning materials and classroom content and, secondly, to satisfy the psychological needs and adapting to host and care during hospital stay, among others. Psychoeducational deficits are specifically health personnel can not attend, forbidding the patient of their rights. So we try to provide the training that agents need to be carried out this Teaching Hospital to meet those goals, ensuring the search for mental health of the patient, ie the psychic equilibrium, social adjustment and the patient's psychosocial adaptation to their situation from the instructive or didactic approach (teaching duties and learning to recover, maintain and facilitate cultural and intellectual renewal of the patient) and psychoeducational approach (preparing for hospitalization and adjustment to this situation.) It is also essential to occupy the leisure time of hospitalization with fruitful work, training, entertainment and relaxation, in order to maintain and strengthen the habits of intellectual activity and cultural learning through the activities developed by teachers and educators of hospitals, treating a child or teen-age study does not lose continuity requires that the school process. The educational principles will be the identification (by adjusting the learning process the child in particular), socialization (to combat the isolation of the sick child, providing the opportunity to live and interact with peers in small groups, provided by a teacher or educator) and autonomy (to keep active and voluntary involvement of child with homework that is proposed, not only for entertainment but also to its training).

Ultimately, it comes to organizing and designing pedagogy in the hospital space, addressing all the factors that context implies. Hospital Pedagogy converge in special educational needs, educational and healthcare, so disciplinary action is needed, attention to emotional problems of children and families, development of strategies for adapting to the disease and the context hospital, and development of curricular changes that seek to alleviate, as soon as possible, the consequences resulting from the disease that affect children's learning ability. In the area of school activity, is to avoid the loss of intellectual habit of personal effort or delay school, as well as entertainment and encourage rehabilitation of the child when you return to your school. It also aims to create an atmosphere of dialogue and company, where the child can speak of their sorrows, worries, family, etc.. The main problem for children with chronic or long-term truancy is therefore essential to define the continuity of services supporting school (hospital classrooms, teaching at home and at school adaptations of reference). To meet these needs (health, emotional and curriculum) requires the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams, in coordination, the address at the hospital, at home and in the classroom, in order to get the full adjustment of the child and family to the demands of illness, social development, academic and emotional standardized as possible, and school integration.