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All of us at some stage in our lives we have felt pain in varying degrees and although we can differentiate each other in reaction to the intensity we have to deal with personally. That’s why doctors apply a scale of 1 to 10 as little pain as a maximum value for each patient can express quantitatively the intensity of his own pain. The sensation produced may appear as discomfort, inconvenience, discomfort even become intolerable and can be described as burning, sharp, throbbing, like a tie, break or sometimes appearing pressure reflexly.

The pain sometimes occurs at intervals or spasms but may also emerge constantly and always an indicator that there is some alteration in our body it functions as a light red light by sending a warning signal. It is understandable that usually what most people the first thing is to take some medication to try to put this sign as soon as possible. While it is true that pain is not nice we should take into account that in some cases taking an analgesic or desinflamatorio when it is uncertain what the origin of it and which it has not been prescribed by a specialist can aggravate the problem or build larger ones. For example, the abdominal pain is commonly referred to as colic may be caused by the pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines, appendix, the matrix, gallbladder and other organs and if you take an antispasmodic or we desinflamatorio hiding the symptom but not solving the root of the problem.