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Raw Fiber Realize

High crude fiber in carrier feed action animal welfare cause problems, if as a result, less energy is absorbed the label launched by the Western meat in the life”requires a number of additional requirements by participating farmers. Often, the bulk can be implemented with little effort. Problematic implementation of the default can be however that the crude fibre content in the feed mixture of carrying sows over the statutory values must be. The legally defined value of crude fiber in a saw NT feed is provided with 8% 88% TS. The allowance stipulated in the animal welfare program by 30% crude fiber value of legally defined by analogy to understand that a NT so manufactured food should have an RF level of 10.4% “, so Mr Gorlach from action animal welfare.

This requirement to comply with and at the same time to get enough energy in carrying food, can very often not realized. That out often negatively affects performance, because the sows because of the energy deficit can build too few energy reserves. If the milk yield is not sufficient in the subsequent lactation, high piglets losses are an unwanted result. The challenge now is to meet the requirements for the higher raw fibre content, to ensure but also the necessary energy content in the carrying food. Against this background, it is recommended not only for feeding during the lactation, but also during pregnancy fat powders such as pig to use power by BEWITAL. The solution: Pig power – fat powder fats play an ever increasing role in feeding due to their very high compared to other feed energy concentration. Fat is one of the most concentrated and most easily implementable energy types.

However, liquid fats are technical reasons, only limited use. Powdered fats like pig power by BEWITAL, however, can be used completely without any problems and are often the only way to properly distribute energy in our own mixes. With pig, power can be also higher fat content in the diet to achieve, than would be possible with conventional vegetable oil. Positive effects for sow & pigs through the use of fat powder pig power of energy of bearing sow even when high crude fiber content can be covered. Pig power of the high energy holding aspired for high milk yield in the Sau Gefutter allowed in lactating sows. So a needs covering energy can be supplied with pig power over the entire period.