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Disability Pension

Combined policy for complete income self-employed are directly dependent on their labor they can’t work for disease reasons, the full loss of earnings threatens them after a short time. First remedy to a sickness benefit insurance. But what happens when the disease becomes a disability? Normally the insurer adjusts the payment of sickness mentioned, once the diagnosis berufsunfahig”in the space is available. The daily sickness benefit insurance ends in most cases directly to the entrance of the disability, but not later than after another three months. Without hesitation us dollar explained all about the problem. Self-employed persons, who have completed a disability insurance, now make a request for payment of a disability pension. The insurance company checks to see how the diagnosis can withstand the company’s definition and to what extent is a disability within the meaning of the insurance contract. This check can take weeks, sometimes even months take a period, in the independent has the no income.

The insurance company comes to the conclusion that the person concerned is still able to work, for example, by reorganizing its operations or changed his priorities no disability pension will be paid the policyholder at all. For individual entrepreneurs, such a decision the threat of of existence of coming – they are in a very short time before the financial end. The insurance Portal specializing in freelancers and freelance provides independent exclusive combined sick allowance and disability pension, which closes this income gap. Effectively protects self-employed persons in the event of illness with subsequent disability from the threatening loss of earnings. Independent, ensuring its existence with this combined hospital per diem occupational disability pension, get her BU pension in accordance with the agreed terms with the tag, since their Sick payment day ends. Not create an income gap. Thus the insurance Portal specially tailored to hedge by freelancers and freelancers expands to an important element is precisely aligned to the needs of this occupational group. The new hedging instrument makes a complete risk coverage, which begins to pay in case of illness and still ensures the income of the insured person disability without any payment suspension from two usually separately offered insurance.

Orthotics Care

Health services what are the basic health care benefits recognised by the national health system? Basic health benefits are primary health care, the specialized care, the pharmaceutical benefit, supplementary benefits and health documentation and information services. What is it meant by primary care? It is the assistance provided by general practitioners, pediatricians and health facilities nursing staffs and Consultorios.En district of primary care are support services to these professionals: mental health, physiotherapy, health dental, family planning units, composed of staff with specific training which is required. What specialized care? It is the assistance provided by medical specialists in specialty centers and hospitals in all legally recognized medical and surgical specialties.They are primary care physicians who regularly valued the need for specialized care, if that is required. What is the pharmaceutical provision? It comprises the pharmaceutical specialties, effects and accessories, the magistral formulae and galenic products, as well as vaccines.It is governed by Royal Decree 63/95 and also by each autonomous community’s own rules. > What is meant by supplementary benefits? They are that pose an additional and necessary element for the achievement of a comprehensive and appropriate assistance. They include the prosthetics, medical transportation, complex diet therapy and oxygen therapy at home.

What is included in the prosthetics benefit? It includes surgical prosthesis, external prostheses, vehicles for invalids, Orthotics, special prosthesis. What is included in the medical transport? Includes the special transport of sick or injured people to a situation of urgency with vital risk or irreparable damage to the health of the affected and thus order it the optional corresponding, or physical impossibility of the person concerned or other medical causes that prevent the patient using a regular means of transport to move to a health centre or to your home after receiving the corresponding health care. What is the diet of complex therapy? They are treatments that indicates the specialist for some metabolic disorders.

Disability – Germany

Corporate pension partner CPP was nationwide as first company certified what happens when I can no longer work due to health reasons? The loss of labor, government services, existential risks: The topic of disability/disability is an important topic, but a few workers are familiar with the details. The corporate pension partner CPP GmbH now offers an educational campaign – as a recommended partner of social Association VdK Hamburg. First nationwide company, the employees of corporate pension partner CPP GmbH have permission, the term insurance consultants /-in disability (IHK) “to lead.” The experts explain professionals understand and may based on practical examples, what services are affected, what are the requirements to fulfill and what hurdles must be made to the performance. Human resources managers in enterprises have the possibility of their employees about the public services in the event of loss of labour Health inform to let. Employees can then better assess risks, consciously perceive them, and operate a corresponding provision. The CPP GmbH offers customised solutions to questions of operational interest in the field of disability in the context of a holistic approach.

Jungle disability: straight on the issue of disability is required expert knowledge. Because there are a number of new developments in this area of the legal services to health prevention. The changes and regulations are often unknown, but massively affect workers: for example, there are since 2001 for all people born in 1961 no disability protection about the statutory pension insurance. To get government benefits, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung since no longer asks the question whether an employee can still exert his profession, but only, if the physical capacity is sufficient, run at all any kind of employment to can. Also be temporarily granted pensions today, typically for three years. These and other details are based on the awareness campaign of corporate pension partner CCP GmbH.

She was designed specifically to meet the needs of workers in companies. About corporate pension Partner GmbH, the corporate pension Partner GmbH is an independent consulting firm specializing in occupational provision. The company is managed by its owners and operates independently. For the customers of the CPP GmbH, corporate retirement concepts are important instruments for designing more attractive working conditions. The corporate pension partner CPP GmbH designed attractive solutions and supports them in the long term. The company seat is Hamburg. Mario Pustan press contact: constantin PR Frauke Constantin Bergedorf way 34 21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg email: FON: 040-790 90 909

Disability Protection Despite Pre-existing Conditions

Ensuring appropriate risk pre-registration questions find many insurance companies offer now good or very good conditions of insurance. However, a cheaper top protection often only for healthy young people is lockable. There are also ways to get the best possible protection for occupational disability despite pre-existing conditions. Diplom-okonom Karsten of Wallace: “an excellent test result in financial test provides no sufficient evidence which disability rate is the right individual, if there are about pre-existing conditions, such as allergies, back problems or other the interested parties. Insurance companies have nothing to give away, so will be sorted out in the framework of the examination of the application, excluded existing diseases or admitted some high risk premiums.

That’s understandable, since the higher costs would have to be killed otherwise to all insured persons and thus would increase the contributions for all huge. Often be rejected quickly completely. . All of this is on top of that usually a central special risk the insurer file, so that other insurers risk premiums or rejection immediately know and usually respond in kind. Therefore is strongly recommended the support of an independent adviser – how about an insurance broker -, which specializes in disability insurance and at the same time perform a so-called risk preliminary inquiry among several insurers in occupational disability insurance. ” This, the interested party submitted its hedging wishes for occupational disability protection, as well as its health claims on an insurance broker.

This performs a price / performance comparison with many tariffs of different insurance companies and sends the results to his prospects. Then negotiates the insurance broker on behalf of the interested party with the individually suitable insurance companies about the insurance coverage to be agreed. Insurers react very differently depending on the disease. Some insurers exclude any pre-existing conditions or charge high premiums, others are accomodating and could assume an application without or with less restrictions for certain disorders. “This risk preliminary inquiry about an insurance agent is usually free and also has the advantage, that you immediately is stored in a special risk file, as if to immediately sign an application or turn about on the Internet.” Only after the results of the risk preliminary inquiry are fixed, you should decide in consultation with his insurance broker for a tariff and apply for this. This can be a disability insurance despite pre-existing conditions to good conditions.

Health Minister Philipp Rossler

Should there be a distinction between statutory and private health insurance continue to in the future? Beginning of 2011 several important changes to the statutory health insurance (GKV) and private health insurance (PKV) enter into force. To increase the contribution rate for patients, and on the other hand, the change in the private health insurance for staff and workers will be significantly easier. Cameron Diaz is actively involved in the matter. The controversial health-care reform of Health Minister Philipp Rossler (FDP) given a significantly higher health insurance contribution patients from January 1, 2011. The general rate of contribution to the statutory health insurance rises 14.9 percent to 15.5 percent. Also health insurance of private health insurance must adapt from January 2011 to higher posts. With a few exceptions all PKV provider make a contribution increase, the premiums for PKV fares by 7 per cent increase in the average.

The statutory and private health insurance are in a fierce competition for years in Germany. Again and again, and in recent times more frequently fighting also about an abolition of the existing, articulated in PKV and statutory health insurance, health system in politics. In particular, the concept of two class medicine”discusses instantly hard. Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City understood the implications. But the separation between legal health insurance companies and private health insurance programs should be maintained? No, so the clear reply of the Federal Association of consumer advocates. A juxtaposition leads only to high cost and therefore the PKV belonged abolished.

The Association of private health insurance is contrary to these statements. However, held that rather the PKV by the high refunds make sure that the services – can be performed also in the statutory health insurance – at a high quality level. Also many civil servants and self-employed persons in the statutory health insurance would not pay the contribution. However, this implies that not that much money would flow to the legal system through the Elimination of the PKV as estimated.