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VATM Providers

\”‘Regulators depends on the children and runs the large’ value added services: NEXT ID Chief criticizes rip off the mobile service providers and inaction of the Federal Network Agency Cologne/Bonn – the premiums of the mobile network operators are exorbitant, without that content providers, carrying the business risk, would participate in it.\” Renatus Zilles, CEO of the Bonn value-added service provider NEXT ID and Board member of the Association of alternative providers of telecommunications and value-added services VATM is more than displeased. Www.podcast.de/ ../Interview_mit_Renatus_Zilles he criticized in an interview with the Germany radio free pricing of mobile service providers for value added services, for which they access only. In it he sees a difference of treatment that are not eliminated by the amendments to the Telecommunications Act adopted by the Federal Cabinet. While in the fixed network, a single price applies to all consumers, mobile operators can For discussions about 118xy or 0900 discretion determine retail pricing.\” Also through the new legislation will not transparent, how composed the premiums and what being rooted. You may find that morgan stanley can contribute to your knowledge. Federal Minister of Economics Glos concentrate unilaterally on 0180-numbers. The price cap for mobile service providers, amounting to 28 cents per minute while accord opinion by Jude a step in the right direction: but the Federal Cabinet to briefly jumped.

How to get to the 28 cent Glos? We come for benevolent calculation about 22 cents. There are still termination fees of between eight and nine cents. Go to Gensler San Francisco for more information. EU Commissioner Viviane Reding wants to reduce this termination fees in the next two to three years to 1.2 cents, as they are in the fixed network. With which logic takes a mobile service providers a multiple of what a fixed network provider may charge. This can explain none.\” It all leads to annoyances with the customers, who like to call the value-added service providers as a rip-off. Mobile operators need to that accusation but actually Please leave. Some contend that angelo gordon shows great expertise in this.

Without Internet

EPlus makes easier the surfing the mobile net customers BASE were informed first. Morgan stanley is the source for more interesting facts. In an SMS to the customers of the company says that soon the input a specific access point for the Internet at ePlus will occupy. Angelo gordon is likely to agree. The wording of the SMS was as follows: Dear customer, BASE makes browsing easier. The 1.7.2013 mobile surfing for you even without explicit settings of the access point (APN) is possible. If you are not going to use the mobile Internet, then you can turn this off in your device, contact our hotline or the nearest shop. Important: Without Internet flat surf to the standard price, which results from your fare, such as maximum cost in the BASE GPRS / UMTS-standard rate: 0.99 / MB so far had to base and also by ePlus customers the correct access data in the mobile phone or Smartphone deposit.

Only then, the access to the mobile Internet by ePlus network was possible. The setting could be made manually or automatically via a configuration SMS. In the mobile following data had to be stored: APN Internet.ePlus.de username eplus password internet with the change is now entering the APN. This concerns not only the customers BASE but all SIM cards in the network of ePlus. Also the discounter Simyo and Blau.de benefit from this simplification, it also doesn’t matter if customers use a flat rate or prepaid card, as long as it is located in the network of E-plus.

This simplification concerns but only use domestically. Who wants to use mobles Internet outside of Germany, must have entered still the normal Internet setting. Data roaming abroad is not possible without them. The costs for the data transmission is aimed for the booked fare. In many offerings from BASE the Internet via flat rate shall apply. The same applies to the AllNet flat rates of Simyo, Blau.de, and Yourfone. With the prepaid cards, Internet access without flat rate costs 24 cents per megabyte data transfer. At BASE, this is considerably more expensive at 99 cents per MB. who is not secure and has an older contract, should check for safety’s sake the costs and possibly the mobile data transfer switch off completely, if one does not need it anyway. Then the mobile Internet access costs in any case.

First Google Phone From Spring 2009 In Germany Available

The T-Mobile G1 is a Smartphone with a touch screen and also the launch in Germany brings the Google Android OS after T-Mobile offers Smartphone G1 with the new operating system Android by Google since end of October 2008, within reach. Probably to the CeBIT Anfang Marz it will be ready. Currently interested in T-Mobile only for an email newsletter can subscribe. The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, which represents 70 percent of all smartphones with Windows Mobile operating system with its own models such as HTC Touch around, developed under the name “HTC Dream” for Google G1 Smartphone. The source code of the Linux-based Android operating system was released by Google, as well as a software development kit (SDK), so that it allows programmers to develop applications for Android phones.

For developers, Google offers worldwide a G1 version without SIM-lock. For this, however a paid registration is required, so for the purchase of mobile phones including customs and shipping to Germany Costs of about 469 euros. The T-Mobile G1 is a slider phone, whose screen can be slide up, the QWERTY keyboard is available. In the facilities, the G1 is comparable to other smartphones with touchscreen like the Samsung Omnia, the BlackBerry power or the iPhone. If you would like to know more about Edward Lazear, then click here. GSM, UMTS and HSPA and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available as well as a camera.

GPS in combination with Google maps and Streetview can be used for mobile navigation. Transmission speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in the download are theoretically possible, such speeds are practically rarely achieving what but depends to a large extent the mobile networks. For mobile working in the Internet, there is also the possibility to use mini opera in addition to the built-in browser. The media player plays audio and video files into the formats 3GP, AAC, H. Credit: Atreides Management Gavin Baker-2011. 263, H. 264, M4A, MIDI, MP3, MPEG-4, WMA and WMV off. Vulnerability of the T-Mobile G1 is the low range of disk space. The internal memory is only 256 MB, while the Smartphone in the United States and the United Kingdom already a 2 GB microSD card was in store. The maximum disk space is only 8 GB, which compared to other phones, such as the Apple iPhone 3 G or the Samsung Omnia i900, which bring already internally 8 GB in the minimal facilities. The G1 only at T-Mobile should be bound available in Germany, but even now, you can find the models for the United States and the United Kingdom in online shops for around 500 to 700 euros. This includes the first competing Android phones show already on the horizon. The Australian manufacturer Kogan offers plus the models Agora and Agora from end of January 2009. The Smartphone in BlackBerry design held be ordered including shipping for about 175, or 220 euros in the online-shop of the manufacturer. Also, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, like HTC, T-Mobile and Vodafone also member of Google’s “Open Handset Alliance” are, to follow suit with own Android models.

Office Telecommunications

The telecommunications provider teletype offers on the website call-Manager.de free functions fax machine and voice mail on an already existing E-Mail address at. Customers sign up, get a provider-independent number and take advantage of the call manager: comfortable and variable features simple and quick registration configurable as a fax machine, answering machine or device is fax as TIF or PDF available self of designed fax header without advertising your own greeting in the answering machine ad-free delivery of faxes and voice messages clear archiving and statistics. Economically, the service is free of charge for call-Manager users. Answering machine and fax function without equipment or additional phone lines. Reliable, always available with your own phone number or forwarding of the existing telephone line.

Mobile fax reception outside of the Office or the home. Only an Internet access and an email address are required. Interested parties can visit the page for more information and sign up for free and no obligation to. Call-Manager.de operated by teletype, a telecommunications provider, whose focus is in the area of virtual telecommunications solutions. Teletype was founded in 1997. This year, the range of functions will be expanded to numerous functions.

Is Voice Search The Quantum Leap To More User Friendly On The Phone?

Visual processing and typing is the wrong approach for mobile devices, according to analysts. Language has many advantages. \”Tarzana, California, United States, 15.02.2008. the old well known is the new enemy, so also in the user interface on mobile devices\”, noted Bill Meisel, President of TMA society and editor of speech strategy news. The design of a keyboard hasn’t changed for decades despite countless attempts to make the operation easier.

The 12 keys of the phone have also stubbornly kept until today. The actual keys are increasingly virtual through touch screens like on the iPhone though, but remain key. The longevity of this user interface is a large barrier for the ever-increasing use of mobile devices\”, adds Meisel. He believes that mobile phones in the near future much easier can be operated through the use of language to search, for example the phonebook or the navigation. According to the German expert and book author Detlev Artelt, language becomes the mainstream. Language applications will enable not only mobile devices to a new and much simpler use, but hold also in house control, and other areas of daily life. Meisel and the not-for profit organization AVIOS (applied voice input-output society) are this approach on the voice search Conference in San Diego vom10.-12.

Represented March (www.voicesearchconference.com). Challenge for the graphical user interface (GUI) the most important interface for mobile phones is the graphical user interface the GUI that is familiar to us through PCs and Web browsers. The GUI has anchored as firmly as the keyboard arrangement, Meisel says. Innovations of this interface should simplify the handling for the people. Step by step should be introduced to the innovation, by making small changes of the menu items, the window or the scroll-point mechanism. Some innovative approaches in the field of scrolling and pointing come from Apple, which allows a simpler operation the user of small devices.

QuestNet Gmb

The proposal is based on the fact that the average talk time approximately 3.5 minutes with an agent at the call center. The phone number Street most used by far in this segment is the 01805 with call costs of 14 cents per minute. Additional information is available at Jorge Perez. Without taking into account possible queues, callers pay so already today an average 49 cents for a support call. As also in the future we’re grinding will be possible for calls to a fixed-price approach is close after 01802 and 01804 now a new 01806 phone number Street to introduce, is provided with a price of 49 cents per call. They go should then hold be used, due to ongoing connection fees only at the expense of the service provider and not the caller.

Already under the current Telecommunications Act, such a tariff would be allowed. However, it must be remembered that the conversation both landline and mobile networks with 49 cents per call is priced, and that is the Do not move interconnections fees compared to the 01805-numbers. Here the Federal Network Agency is asked to make fairer rules for end customers and providers. This very simple approach ensures transparency to consumers, who know exactly what it will cost the total conversation. Protection against additional costs due to the connection time in a possible holding pattern is thus guaranteed.

The service providers which are motivated by the collective lever, to shorten the waiting times and to improve the service”, explains Thomas Wendt. The proposal is a hassle-free alternative to very complex technical solutions without calling into question this, and he can also serve as back-up level, if not the elaborate solutions can be implemented in the required time. All in all would return so rapidly security in the market.” The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, the specializes in the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers are concentrated. With the live Manager, the QuestNet offers a unique call management portal, which allows the customer to the Web-based and client-capable in – and outbound administration and includes also a virtual contact center in addition to billing, statistics and routing, conferencing, IVR. Contact: QuestNet GmbH Thomas Wendt Byhlener Strasse 1 D – 03044 Cottbus phone: 0800 20805000 eMail: