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A practice report from CoboCards.com in the referral marketing Internet startups, which have a small marketing budget, usually one goal: grow virally! This particularly low-cost variant of the marketing (called also referral marketing) like to use at the beginning of a project. The desire is always the same: the product is to convince users and therefore cause a viral spreading of the product in the network. The so-called is expected snowball effect on a staunch user etc. makes several friends/acquaintances to users and other friends. The learning platform of CoboCards tries to this effect take advantage of. Through the collaborative use of flashcards, software on the Web involves CoboCards already establishing a mechanism for the viral growth. Students who want to be like to share the work and control each other, invite friends to the common learning. This form of dissemination was supported by integration of possibilities of social communication such as Facebook, email, Twitter.

Bookmark setting etc. To give further incentivize the whole is rewarded each successful inviting with a month of the otherwise paid Pro version. Costs: 5 euro. The more friends accept the invitation, more per month will be there at the end. The measurement of results is important in such an approach. Because only through measurement and continuous tuning recommendation marketing can lead actually to the desired results. Who relies purely on his product, offers no incentives and mechanisms, will quickly realize that viral growth only by the Facebooks and Linkedins of this world takes place.

Approach after was decided through an active referral marketing, was first change the home page of the software. The previous “welcome message” was replaced by the note “1 registered friend = 1 month free Pro”. Also highlighted the benefits of kollaoborativen learning. Where teambuilding was communicated so far as an effective means for learning, it is now much more moved to the fore and more intense communicates.