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The Preference

It favors effortless information processing. Complicated and complex must be easily decodable. What is recognized and classified as non-hazardous, given the preference. That’s why we like to buy known, and time and again the same. Routines relieve and make work easy for our upper story. Loyalty is also called: brain-convenience. However: The old ‘ loyalty, which is characterized by unconditional obedience, which you can wear confidently to the grave. For more information see this site: L’Oreal. In a consumer society, man is seduced every day to the infidelity.

Company and customer will live apart is so at some point. But until it comes, that should take. As favorite provider to apply life partner for its customers to be able to make long, prosperous relationships, so the goal is in the future. This contemporary variant, which is to create. We call them quite trendy: you must earn loyalty 2.0 loyalty loyalty today is a volatile commodity.

You must earn over and over again they just like his good reputation -. Who offers a high utility value and presents an unusually attractive performance, who will build deep trust because he treated its customers fairly, who she repeatedly newly enthusiastic and always in their choice confirmed loyalty beyond reason loyalty Gets the gift. Because loyalty is always a bit irrational. So exactly, you can often do not explain what is so very appealing to a provider. Of course, there are already a number of good reasons but there’s still more. Loyalty is so enigmatic unfathomable in all its forms, because it produces emotional resonance. It is most likely similar to love: it must spark between provider and customer. Only content is therefore not enough. Satisfaction is not having a bad feeling. And no more than a good feeling a very little. In this respect, satisfaction is unstable. Satisfied customers and are the smallest error at first sale, emergence of a cooler party or the hint of a finer performance.