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Bicycle Fixed

Many types of exercise produce good results if you want to lose weight and get in shape. If you look at the machines of exercises as a tool, then fixed bicycle has to offer certain advantages. To begin is an appliance that is available all the time, only you have to climb and walk. A bicycle at home saves you money and the gym. Here are a few tips to accelerate our progress. Mix all the reality of many owners of stationary bikes is that they get bored with pedal all the time at the same speed for one hour.

Why, to break up that monotony all you have to do is change the rhythm. Pedalling at full speed for a minute, then pedalling slowly, then at normal pace, then again accelerate. To vary the resistance automatically a simple pedalling bike becomes a trip in real route. And it keeps the most interesting and challenging pedaling. You can not discover how can make you it? Buy a pair of dvds! These usually come with programs, instructors and stimulating music for each session. More time, more results obvious but is not seems so much.

The truth is that to longer time passes you on the bike per week, most will come fast results. You can put the bike in front of the TV and see news or your favorite program while ride no more. Nobody says that you just have to ride with the gacha head. If there is an advantage of exercise at home is convenience and facilities. So put yourself in front of the TV or charge your ipod with all the music for an hour, or puts the bike in front of the window, or in the garden or on the terrace and enjoy several ways exercise you and win minutes on the bike. The idea is that you keep pedaling. Do not neglect the other common bike fixed is that are mainly concentrated in the legs and in our cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), leaving sometimes everything else without exercise or without that accompany the results that we get in our lower train. So this is something you can do much to revive the energy and regain the motivation along with good results: get off the bike. Exact, ten minutes to the entire pedal gear, then get off and do 30 push-up, then funds and if you have dumbbells or elastic bands make rowing and also for the biceps exercises, even performed a few abdominal shrinks. Then you come back to upload to the bike for another 10 intense minutes of pedaling. Lower and repeat. See where we are going? There is so much variety that you can apply that bore you is practically impossible. Only requires a little creativity and inventiveness. However, with a simple bike fixed and eager to train can get a body incredible, guaranteed. Try these tips and in a month you will notice the difference, I assure you.