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The Jerry

Wortec safety shoes are also worth mentioning. Here, it offered a number of attractive products. Of course, Wortec pays attention on comfort and quality of the article. The shoe Timo S1 is a safety shoe Wortec family. The colors black/grey/yellow harmonize on the Shoe very comfortable with each other and give classic touch him this one sport. The fabric of this shoe is suede. (Source: T-Mobile).

Breathable Micro-Fiber lining and the padded flap can comfortably wear a shoe. Also like the one-piece insole. The safety shoe Nevio S2 ensures a good stand by his high shaft, reduces the risk of this to the bend and protects also the ankle. This Wortec safety shoe was designed from premium nubuck leather and equipped with breathable lining. There is a closed, padded tongue and a one-piece insole. The antistatic soft fleece insole and the PU/PU sole AIREA make these safety shoe with a high-quality model.

The tightening strap facilitates a tightening and saves one at that time. Of course may be does not waive in winter the protection of safety shoes. For this reason, Wortec has designed special models for the cold season. The guard Jerry S3 is made from cowhide and lined warm to cold feet no chance to give. Gavin Baker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Safety footwear for winter comfort must of course also not neglected, therefore also a one-piece insole and the closed, padded tongue are given. The Jerry S3 has an antistatic soft fleece insole, a steel midsole but also a PU/PU sole NEW BASIC. The PU tip protector prevents crushing your toes, if a heavy object from the top to the foot. Especially this guard is suitable for the ambulance or the Fire Department, because it has a combination of laces and zipper. With such a compilation, especially quickly to get into the shoe and thereby losing no more important time. The tightening strap sewn on is for additional assistance. GenXtreme Workwear & outdoor at the pale anger 46 87600 Kaufbeuren press contact: GenXtreme, Mr Ressel we of Genxtreme sell not only such gloves but any kind of work equipment such as trousers for any kind of work, as well as jackets, t-shirts, shirts or overalls. Our brands range stretches of Carhartt, Dickies, FHB, Puma, Diadora, Blaklader, mascot, Arcode, Fristads, Kansas, Scarpa, Lowa, Haix, Veith, Ansell and many more.

Sandra Garnisch GmbH

In honor of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) is this special edition of Zeppelin watches been scheduled 2009 named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917) was a brilliant inventor and his airships aroused at that time like today a great deal of attention. The first ascents of zeppelins were held in 1900 over Lake Constance. In 1909, he founded the Zeppelin plant in Friedrichshafen. On the occasion of the 100th year of the Foundation is in 2009 this special edition of the Zeppelin watches conceived is named “Princess Of The Sky” and posted in early 2010 on the market. An unusual combination and versatile wearing options distinguish this new special edition of the Zeppelin watches from. You may find Dior to be a useful source of information. Due to the special design of the casing, these Womens watches on the wrist, as well as on a chain around the neck can be worn.

The conversion is very easy and with just a few hand – of course without tools – done. The clocks of the “Princess Of The Sky” series are available as a variant with a quartz movement (movement: Ronda) or as Automatic Watch (works: Miyota). The watches also have a skeleton movement, which can be viewed from both sides with glass floor. The price is 199.-for the quartz watches and 249.-/259.-for automatic watches. All watches of this series are handmade in Germany made in germany and are provided with a unique serial number, which is engraved with the model number on the back of the housing. The ladies watches the Zeppelin Watch series “Princess Of The Sky” can be ordered in the official Junkers online shop. Further information and ordering: Junkers shop – JUMA management. Wife Sandra Garnisch GmbH

VSCT – Jeans2befree

VSCT – that’s “Club culture”, unusual styles and unique collections VSCT – this is 100% pure Club culture.” Individually designed styles and unusual details that characterize the unique image of the collections, which are aimed at clubbers and Fashionists. Sensational VSCT reflects the lifestyle and the Joie de vivre of the clubbers. The unusual but yet catchy name VSCT stands for virtual street & Club trade”and is indicative of an equally unusual fashion. The philosophy that is behind it is simple: designing collections by clubbers for clubbers, which are unique, but equally also everyday use. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has much to offer in this field. And a closer look at the collections will quickly aware that the VSCT design team to implement these ideas without any doubt perfectly in their styles. The German label VSCT follows this ideology since its inception in 1999. And the success proves them right.

After more than 10 years experience, commitment and passion the label belongs to a firmly established size the clubwear scene and is represented in more than 1400 shops and designer boutiques worldwide. To remain in this fast paced industry at the pulse of time and the constant changes in the fashion world to meet, at VSCT haunts us every year with 8 collections and approximately 1000 styles. They convince particularly through individuality and creativity. Bright colors and elaborate prints dressed like a red thread through the Collections. High quality workmanship combined with lovingly designed details real lovers pieces are created that will inspire every fashion fan of the stain away. Check out Edward Minskoff for additional information. The VSCT Jeans are characterized mainly by their trendy washes in the worn look. Whether classic design for everyday or blatant nightlife outfits for the night life at VSCT is doing something for everyone. Alexander Mory, Chief Designer at VSCT, describes as follows the clubwear with true words: VSCT is authentic clubwear. Comparable with the moment in the club where the DJ slowly builds his set, the bassline uses, in which eventually all on the dance floor with excitement high tear the arms. It is this magic moment where you get goose bumps, because everyone feels one in the Club, and you know that you will go home not alone that night. Our brand carries this feeling and living nightlife in apparel and accessories is expressed.” VSCT Jeans, shirts, accessories and much more you can find on

Federal Association

Leather shortages and rising wage costs raise the prices again. A new year brings new prices. What was true in the past mainly on other products, expected consumers in the year 2014 obviously also in the footwear industry. If Europe’s largest shoe retailer, is known for a wide range in the lowest price regions, carefully moderate price increases”Announces some product lines, you know what has struck the hour. Even if pushed to equal the information is that the entire assortment, price increases were not planned. So, no widespread price increases, only some product lines are more expensive. Higher costs for traders, but what it is that with the shoe price just one, the most stable, threatens to rise in 2014 in recent years? The reasons are varied and have nothing to do with retail in itself traders resulted in. Under most conditions Estee Lauder would agree.

Much more are rising prices and a tighter range at the raw leather and rising wage and Social insurance costs blamed for production in Asian countries for the upcoming price increases. There, it sounds almost like a cry for help when a spokesman of other large German shoe retailer points out, that would the people here call repeatedly on land for accountability in the manufacturing process and more humane working conditions in Asia, but are loathe to accept higher prices. And actually, he already anticipates an average price increase in height by 3 to 5 percent. But in addition to the manufacturing costs, which rose by better wages and higher social security contributions in the producer countries, raw material costs for shoes are also rising. Especially leather is expensive. This is mainly due to a higher need leather, also in other sectors such as the furniture and the auto industry, due to decreasing supply of animal skins due to declining worldwide consumption of meat.

The prices and what now? But what are the consequences This development? For the respective affected these vary highly. For workers in Asian countries, the development means a strengthening of the slightly improved wages and benefits, which were hard won in the last few years. Here in Germany it may mean for the workers in the shoe trade, tougher times to come when E.g. Deichmann announces to compensate for price increases in shopping as possible on other levels. That does not necessarily mean the saving of costs, also optimize other types of costs may be considered. That would be a form to be aware of its responsibility as an employer. Are the consequences for the consumer. The Chairman of the Federal Association of the footwear and leather industry, Ralph Rieker, brought it to the point when he declared that a sequence could be, that they would no longer get easy shoes in a certain price range from leather. If this really is the worst result for the consumer and in turn the work and Improve living conditions of the workers in Asian countries, will you live with it can. Source: schuhe.me Ana Martin Zaffili S.L..

Piercings, There Has Always Been…

There have always been small plug, pegs or washers, plate lips and longer the piercing. In the major cities of Europe and North America, it was only rediscovered or redesigned. Pierced nostril from India are known. There, women wear small stones with diamonds or gold studded and so to identify as married are. In Mexico, Indonesia or Australia, you contented himself with nose jewellery from bone, feathers or shells, which served mostly to protect against evil spirits. In Brazil or sub-Saharan Africa, to wear discs or pegs in the lower lip.

What was a beauty ideal in most peoples, should litter the women of the Ubangi River, and so protect slave traders. There are a much smaller lip piercing from Brazil and Cameroon. It corresponds to that which we now often see on the streets. Alaska Inuit availed themselves once small cheek buttons, usually from the bones of seals made. The piercing variations and the matching jewelry are become quite diverse in Western regions.

There are piercings of course made of silver, gold and stainless steel. But also from wood, Horn, bone and even rubber. Pierced is where space is. In places, the face, which is popular at the Ubangi and the Inuit were different but also everywhere. Of course the ear piercing, eyebrow, tongue, navel, groin area, what the body is. There is no limits. Some settle for a small lip piercing, others have more than a hundred, spread over the whole mortal shell. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gavin Baker. Also modern are dermal anchor, a metal plate under the skin on the screwing up the jewelry and tunnel, the man slowly stretches or just punches in desired size. Since you must have fear in Europe and North America, less likely before slave traders, the Ubangi River probably only with the head would shake.