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I heard about five or six years radio announcer conservative Laura Ingraham asked ron insana Economist what he thought of gold as an investment. (like many other conservative radio programs, a sponsor of Laura at the time was a gold dealer). She laughed softly as he answered, of course all should keep some gold on hand to bribe the border guards. Since then it has risen sharply gold price and gold dealers run ads in several radio programs. Many programs call the two people to listen to advice financial are asking about gold. Jewelry shops have signs of buying gold large in its Windows. Thanks to the financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007, many Americans and others in the world are worried about their future. Americans in particular are worried about the huge deficit and still growing and how that appears likely continue to reduce the value of the U.S.

dollar. After all, gold is traditionally people shift from safe havens in tough economic times. Its price is often closely associated with political instability and inversely correlated with performance of the stock market. It is impossible to underestimate the emotional appeal of gold. Go to any jewelry store in Thailand. You will see massive necklaces of gold hung on the wall.

On a sunny day the immense amount of shiny metal walls is bright red as a bright glow in your eyes. Then they realize that many of the women who buy necklaces are not to any other form of wealth or savings. Around the world, for billions of poor people, gold jewelry is all the family wealth on display. When you need cash, Hock necklaces, chains, rings, bangles, nose rings and earrings in the local effort. What many people forget is gold has practical uses as well. Many people with teeth bad have gold fillings or crowns in their mouths. Gold also is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is very malleable and ductile. Is used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Its traditional role as a permanent repository of value is subject to policy as well. Many times in the last thirty years, as well as increases in price of normal demand and supply factors, gold from the central bank in Europe begin to return to reduce the sale price. Even Switzerland, the country that is most associated with the gold standard in recent years has sold some of their gold reserves. This uncertainty makes commercial gold as a commodity too risky. It reached its peak of $800 in 1980. It has recently been more $1000 but it would have to meet the price of approximately $2100 in the United States now equal in 1980 dollars. No one can say no, but that doesn’t mean it will do so. It tripled in price in the past five years.