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Body Expansion

There are many questions that all us asking us, about the origin of life and if we are children of God or simply belong to its intrinsic nature, in which we hallariamos immersed. This sequence of multiple guesses, lead us to establish hypotheses, with greater or lesser degree, to thus be able to endorse them with a trial of certain scientific objectivity. Springfield insists that this is the case. If we establish certain parallelism between us and what we see us around, we will find many similarities, in their global process, which would force us to think, if we are not part of one larger, in which we would be including body and we are therefore moving by logical parameters to your sequence and necessary consequence, progressive evolution and growth. Let’s all this, applying elements that allow us to travel to that parallel world, that takes place in our own body. If we go back prior to the birth, we will see that of relative nothingness, is formed and is born a new being.

This expansion or Big Bang hypothetical, allows the development and evolution of the matter, which is taking shape, space and as a result of this, the time will be born. This micro universe, with everything integrates, partially, complete with the birth of the new being. But the process has not finished, its expamsion and evolution will continue and will accompany us until death. Within this micro cosmos, everything is changed, born, grows, evolves and dies. The global expansion and the greater distance between all the elements that compose it, occurs as a logical and necessary reaction to its evolution. This in turn generates a hyperspace, which will be stopping and slowing down, as they pass the years or units of time. To recognize this movement and review everything that integrates it, birth, expansion, evolution and continuous changes in the processes that move it, leads me to be able to think of a great similarity and thus establish the correlation between us and the world that surrounds us.