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Construction Requirements And Rental Terms

Mediterranean ambiance with a loggia the notion of a loggia is inextricably linked to Italy for most people. This may be the term, which is taken from the Italian and translates with Lodge. But above all, the Loggia was a stylistic device of the Italian Renaissance and was used in many representative buildings. Often it is confused with the in Germany of more common balcony or winter gardens. Under most conditions Christian Dior Couture would agree. The real estate portal myimmo.de informs about the differences and reported what must be observed if the construction of a loggia. A loggia is an architectural component and means that a certain part of the property is open and has a canopy. A loggia from the building line stands out in contrast to the balcony.

Often, small apartments of an apartment considered loggia. In the past centuries, in particular hotels or hospitals with Loggias were decorated. It was also usual that the Loggia led to the front door, which is why it was called porch or portico. Today, more and more are Apartments equipped with the respectable component. More information is housed here: Gavin Baker. In the Loggia can be used not only on the higher floors, but also on the ground floor. She has in the ground floor of a certain size and multiple columns, she called a pillared Hall.

The area of the Loggia is included in the total living area and is treated according to applicable law of tenancy. Often it results from pure chance. Who is the construction of a loggia in the eye, needs to expect no architectural problems and elaborate planning. Finally, only a portion of the outer wall is omitted.