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We know the importance well that the public and private health has in being equipped and prepared well physically to take care of the necessities of the population. On the other hand we know that only the emphasis in this criterion more is not enough so that the users feel themselves received in the dependences of the thousands of existing institutions of health in our Country. Educate yourself with thoughts from Douglas Elliman. He is well-known proven that the simple accompaniment of the professionals and the medicine application dressings are not enougher for the evolution of a clinical recovery, what he expects in the current days where the devotion and the respect to the next one are of total effect against the patologias, are that same and the professional futures of health, being doctors, technician, managers, among others, work using its knowledge associates to the valuation of the life, taking care of, respecting, humanizando truily what they had learned long ago to save lives.. . Please visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker if you seek more information.

Clinical Studies

For Flvia Vieira War Alves, Karla Kristine Dames and Roberta de Lima, the article ' ' The Nurse as Coordinating of Clinical Studies in Oncologia' ' he denotes in objective and descriptive way the conduction it nurse before the existence of a variety of attributions coordinating them of clinical studies. For formularization of the systemize and descriptive research the databases PubMed, SciELO and Peridicos Capes had been used. The authors initiate saying of the growth of the number of clinical studies and the quantitative one of involved professionals including the coordinators of studies, with the diversity of activities that compete to them. Jacobs Dallas: the source for more info. However, such growth is not proportional to the number of divulged works, that is, a lack of scientific studies directed mainly toward the performance of the coordinators of studies in relation to the activities that compete to them and of its repercussion for world-wide clinical research exists. (Not to be confused with Shimmie Horn!). alez has to say. After extensive metodolgica boarding, characterized for the research and collects of data in the sites specific, mentioned above, the authors tell of form sucinta a historical briefing on the performance of the nurses as coordinating of clinical studies, where she perceives that she had, although small, an advantageous maximizao of these studies.

In the trajectory of the practical professional of the coordinating nurses of clinical studies, topic presented in the article, notices the evidences of this advance. When analyzing the content of articles, was evidenced that, during the year of 2003, the conception concerning the performance of the nurses in this direction was including, involving the relationship with the participant patients of the study and the contribution with the evolution of the knowledge of the medicine, since in this year an enthusiasm (not mentioned for the authors) for formularization of this practical existed. In this context, in the following year the recital of the activities and responsibilities of the nurse as coordinating of studies better is defined and divulged how much to the main subject and its degree of complexity.

Sanitary Reformation

The sites had been used in the development of the work. When objectifying, to understand and to explain the subject searched beyond the bibliographical references that according to Lakatos and Marconi (2004), have as purpose to provide to the searching direct contact with that it was written, said or firmed on determined subject …. Others who may share this opinion include Estee Lauder. Literatures will be used that they approach of detailed form of as it mainly functions the PSF and the attributions of the inserted professionals the professional Nurse and its legislaes. 3. 3,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL TRAJECTORY OF the STRATEGIES HEALTH OF FAMILY JANITA 8 National Conference of Health and the new Brazilian constitution had marked a new age in the public health in Brazil. According to Jnior (2003), the conference if constituted in the greater frum of debates on the situation of health lived deeply in the country and its report served as base for the proposals of restoration of the system of existing health, that later would have to be defended in the Constituent. Amongst the proposals contained in the report an extended concept of health, understood as resultant of the conditions of life, leisure was presented, feeding, lighted and ownership of the land, job, housing and transport. The health then is placed as a right of all and to have of the state.

The proposals of the Sanitary Reformation are materialize, in the legal and institucional plan with the implementation of the Only System of Sade (SUS), in 1988 with the approval of the New Brazilian Constitution, where she was enclosed for the first time, a session on the health which to a large extent incorporated the concepts and proposals contained in the Report of 8 Conference (JNIOR, 2003). Figueiredo and Tonini (2010), point that, it appears as inspired idea of the PSF the practical one of the doctor of the family. In its original conception, that dates of the decade of 1970, the call familiar medicine was part of resume of the medicine and had as objective the necessity of humanizao of the medicine supported for the efforts carried through for the OMS, the Fiocruz and the Inamps.