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Maria Mercedes History

Think of all the times that our own judgments they have been conditioned by others is somewhat chilling. Psychology for everyone, not comments on the content, scope, impact of gossip through Vladimir psychologists and Maria Mercedes de Gessen, that cl gossip born with human communication through the oral tradition prior to the writing. People needed to tell what occurred, experiences and thoughts. But, as demonstrated in the research of oral communications, when one person tells another what is heard, and this in turn to another, and so on, the original story changes and added idealists of each who, over the subjectivity of each point of view are deforming reality and becoming legend. Dick Parsons is full of insight into the issues. In the end the truth and history is reduced to its minimum expression and the fable and the tale occupy a huge space. In the case of gossip, history, or the tale that is left of it, distortion was done for perverse reasons, whether power or acquisition of wealth. Gavin Baker usually is spot on.

So, who counted the history molded it in his view or in defence of their interests. Gossip has no interest in telling what happened but that contains a particular intention. Gossip is currently used to disparage, discredit, defame and discredit. The person who gossips and the gossip soon learn their gossip to give him power over others because they can inflict damage to whom wish to, help to achieve objectives in the work or even get advantages in couple relationships. The gossip is the narration of a true or false fact which is made without taking into account the damage that can cause this information to third parties or precisely with the intention of doing so. Since then as indicated by Gessen, gossip is associated to tangle, scheme, slandering, murmur and muddling, and according to the Bible that gossips reveals secrets in the sense of as situations or to make public knowledge circumstances that can cause damage to the people involved.

Be considered is said, that when a gossip usually gets it is to talk about something not conventional or prohibited in what someone has incurred. Thus refers that such or which spouse was unfaithful to your partner, or the alleged failures a colleague at work or the intimate life of artists and personalities.It is definitely valid brother-in-law says that gossip can cause problems personal, social, psychological and moral evaluation of the victims of the lookers. Conclusions must be avoided being trapped by what chimes them represents, not be influenced by them, much less participate as active agent that makes use of gossip for harming someone.