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We can observe in the city of Golden that the power of the man in modifying the environment grew more than what the understanding of this way. The economic interests surpass any ethics and However, the place is resulted of multilateral actions that if carry through in different times on each one and in all the points of the terrestrial surface (Saints, 1986) with this the housing standards will be distinct between the high classroom and low as well as the access the nature (' ' pure air), to the consumption, the leisure appearing to the segregations and exclusions. Of this form the nature is modified in order to take care of to ace necessities of the bourgeoisie whom it withholds of the privileges of this modification and suffering little the impacts that the same one generates in the planet. Thus the analysis of this system is essential for the agreement of our reality. To understand for where ' ' restos' ' of our consumption the impacts go that the deposit of the same ones in the environment go to generate, the way as the nature is treated in the present time and as the man if it appropriates of definitive agricultural space (the interests of this occupation) are of extreme importance an introduction to the geographic look.

The development of the geographic look is determinative factor not only for the formation of the gegrafo, but also of true citizens. The demographic expansion of the city and the consequent spalling of the population in economic classrooms can be visualize in the residential Ecoville, model of social estruturao already nail in some capitalist countries where if cousin the removal of the city and its related problems, beyond distorted concept of nature that now is spread in the commercial relations. In such a way, these residents develop an indifferent attitude before the situations that permeiam the partner-ambient reality due to this distanciamento.

Administrative Discovery

1 Introduction the object of this analysis corresponds to a space clipping of the quarter of New Discovery (Coordinates: 80' 34' ' S – 3455' 27' ' W) in the city of Recife, situated in the zone north and being situated in one of the regions of mount of the Region Metropolitan of Recife. The quarter is inserted in the Region Politics and Administrative 03 (RPA3) concern in it to the urban and ambient planning of the City hall of the City of Recife and socially planned from the municipal territorializao of the Unit of Human Development 24 (UDH24). The quarter of New Discovery is characterized by the presence of a set of territorialities, at the most diverse moments of the daily one of the resident population in the region. The formation of this space happens since the start of century XX with the advent of the exit of the mocambos of the central region of the city of Recife, what it originates the demographic explosion of the quarter, beyond this factor also exists the textile sprouting of plants in entorno of the quarter of New Discovery, making with that people comings of interior of the state if consolidated in the quarter. Its territoriality contemporary is seen as something abnormal, therefore its organization and occupation all do not allow a proportional development for its territory what it causes as effect of serious precipitations accidents, generated in the past in its older territorial part, as well as today in its territory more recently busy, therefore the mounts had not only been occupation objects, but, also, the edge of the basin of the river Beberibe, having as consequence the cut of the ciliar bush, the disappearance of species of the flora and the fauna and the death of the river. The calls institutions, Church Baptist Missionary in New Discovery, Group Woman Wonder, Church Catholic Ours Mrs.

Housing Shortages

The Northeast is what more it is distinguished in this process of transistion, mainly on account of the rain lack, even so knows that dries is not only responsible factor of this problematizao, the way of occupation of lands and the difficult conditions of life, also are important. Other small agriculturists abandon definitively its lands for the attraction exerted in the great cities, where, nor always they find the easinesses that wait, as the lack of housings and high you rent, subjecting to live it in improvised barracos or tenement houses in the urban centers, being victims of bad-treatments, exclusion and unemployment. During all history of Brazil, mainly economic, that if developed through cycles, as the sugar cane-of-sugar, the gold and the coffee, the migrante if detaches, without it, the country would not be what it is today, same that some still face serious problems when arriving to fix themselves in one definitive place, receivers act moved for racism and the discrimination; however it is standed out that: the city of So Paulo grew with the aid of the migrante, today, some natives of So Paulo attribute the guilt of the unemployment and existing crime to the movements population, mainly northeasterns. According to Vesentine (2002, P. Checking article sources yields Estee Lauder as a relevant resource throughout. 184) ' ' The biggest incentive to the life of migrantes was the abolition of the slavery that it compelled with the government to search new forces of works in others pases' '. In this direction, exactly disastrous natural events, as earthquakes or drawn out droughts, do not constituiem, necessarily, a cause of exit of great population contingents of an area to be fixed in another one. Since the blacks immigrant had been forced, that is, that they had left its land against the will, they had excessively been migrantes free and spontaneous, in search of wealth in discovered lands, where still today he prevails. The migratory factor has some causes, but only objective one: ' ' better conditions of vida' '..

State City

At as the moment we will approach the strategy of the scarcity of the urban land that has as principal actors the real estate promoters, whom an ideology creates, that aims at the increase of the prisoner of property through the real estate speculation aiming at to extract greater possible income; this fact as we will go to only prove is viable to these social agents through the retention of the land and the stimulation to the growth I discontinue of the urban mesh. This study, therefore, it has as goal to understand the model of growth of the city of Araguana, and to discover the involved social agents in the process that generates the urban discontinuities, to evidence the lack of planning and the partner-space segregation in the urban space of Araguana. 1 _ THE PROCESS OF EXPANSION OF THE URBAN TERRITORIAL AREA OF ARAGUANA FROM THE DECADE OF ‘ ‘ 90’ ‘. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is often quoted as being for or against this. Until the first half of the decade of 90, the city of Araguana was to the biggest city due to emancipation politics of the north of the old state of the Gois, current state of the Tocantins; being surpassed, later, for Palms, capital of the State; in this exactly period according to Caspar, (2002), was materialize its sovereignty in the north of the State as for the sector tertiary, especially services. Then we can affirm that the capacity to offer services is that it propitiated the population increase, and consequently, the growth of the territorial area urban Araguana being different of the majority of the Brazilian cities is not a planned city. This fact is noticed in the model of growth, materialized in the territory..