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World Wrestling Entertainment

During the 1960s, talk Wrestling was talking films El Santo; in the 1990s, he was talking about the Triple A or CMLL; Today, it is speaking of the WWE. Having had other names, World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as wWE, was founded in 1952 by Roderick McMahon, ancestor of the current owners of the company and by a fighter named Joseph Raymond Toots Mondt.En lucha libre WWE what matters is not the creation of mystical characters such as La Parka that scoff at the death, but to create shows that have more to do with the physique of the fighters. What are similar is that should be flat backs the opponent by three seconds.The success of the WWE comes from the planning of the show that goes beyond the ring and includes the evil and the subjectivity of some of its executives who favor certain fighters. Little by little, American wrestling has shifted to the Mexican thanks to years of experience the Hollywood have to mount shows of carving International. For more specific information, check out Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Mexican wrestling and the United States share similarities as overcome by flat backs and that the fighters are divided into two sides (faces and heels), but have differences as traditions and the use of masks.