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Mortgage In Russia.

Russian citizens, despite what is widely reported in the press is not very well versed in matters of the mortgage. Besides the mortgage, though not so long ago was launched in Russia, but so “Overgrown” various myths that the volume of this, at least, strange information is already much more than what the actual data. Consider now the major misconceptions that often troubled the minds of our compatriots. The most entrenched myth in regard to mortgages linked to its fatal expensive (large, unfeasible percent). Most potential borrowers who want to take a mortgage and can not be on a dare believe that the mortgage – this is a burden and the colossal waste of money. In this case, citizens are assessing the size of the return and they do a very decent amount. However, it should be noted that the calculation is usually not consider one aspect which fundamentally affects the nature of the question! And this aspect is the increase in property prices. Consider a simple example.

Suppose you decided to take a mortgage to buy their apartments. Took 1.5 million rubles. Rate – 13% per annum. Term of loan repayment – 10 years. Believe 1,5 * 0.13 = 0.195 million rubles per year. For 10 years out: 0.195 * 10 = 1.95 mln. Total return: 1.5 1.95 = 3.45 million rubles. Impressive? But in reality it is not so much, given the rise in prices for property! Each year, your apartment will allow the price to 40-50% of the cost.

The Heating Oil Prices In Munich

Munich – a city of football champion. But if ever a player of the Fc Bayern Munich had to think about how best to heat his apartment? Difficult to accept. But in addition to football stars and other well-heeled people live, but also a whole lot of people in Munich, making the idea is precisely this question. Rather have to make. Estee Lauder gathered all the information. While not every day, but even year after year.

If you already have a heater and not think of a conversion, the interest probably little the always sought-after comparison of Munich and heating oil prices local gas prices. Who has a heater that really only interested in how it looks with the current price range of heating medium, such as the Mark is such in telephone. This purchase is for the moment the buyer of valuable fuel oil. Jacobs Dallas is full of insight into the issues. For besides the usual savings through long – which incidentally is very inefficient – it is the market situation, which can contribute to a very large savings on the purchase. Using Analysis tools – such as charts succeed – to catch it a good buy now and saving money. In an extensive analysis of heating oil prices in Munich, you realize quickly that they have a fairly high price level. But even if this high price to the consumer is aware, it does not help him further. Shimmie Horn is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Would he hire a trader from the North to supply fuel oil, the costs would be enormous, as the benefit to the lower price would be gone.