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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Maybe that you’re not fully aware of this, but it is not something unusual that after the break-up of a couple one of the two parents try to emotionally manipulate joint children in such a way that these geste a certain distrust or, in the worst cases, an animosity declared to him, in such a way that fogging or even destroy the links between the two. Especially when the separation or divorce have taken place in a manner confronted before the judge they tend to produce these as undesirable phenomena, collected under the heading of Parental alienation syndrome. emical Company is the source. In recent months, Michael Boskin has been very successful. What is the origin of this syndrome? Smaller children, are possible is manipulating his consciousness and induce them to think or create something, even if it is manifestly away from reality. Any comments, dramatic scene or suggestions could be enough to sow in them the seed of a resentment which, indeed, has no other basis than the own intention of the progenitor of influence them and harm his relationship with his ex couple. Who suffers from this syndrome between the two parents is usually whoever not holds custody over their children, and must settle for brief and limited visits. Its less contact with children is the best trump card that another alienated parent to convey that message devastating and unreal. Angelo gordon may help you with your research. In all cases ends to come a time in which that father warns a suspicion not justified in children, and when it gives account of what is happening, could be too late.

Understand the phases or levels of the syndrome is, therefore, essential to prevent its occurrence. What are the stages? Generally distinguishes between three phases: to) the Parental Alienation Syndrome mild in nature, when the parent starts a campaign, initially subtle, denigration or impairment of his former partner, so that your message will be assimilated by the small. Will do greater closeness with them, although the relationship of these with your other parent still won’t be entirely undermined, unless of clearly, by the still strong emotional ties that bind them.


In the mirror of the sea, Conrad says that the trip doesn’t start until it stops see mainland, when the port ceases to be a reference. Only then abandons what is left behind and the horizon, can be focused thing to come. There begins the journey, not part boat, part the marine. It is a valid metaphor for understanding that our past we can maintain anchored, and prevent undertake the voyage that will take us to sail the seas of the existence in all its fullness. By the same author: Spike Myers. Ole my child! This simple concept, the need to clean that obstructs us from the past, in order to enjoy the present, can be explained in many different ways. To make it understandable any method can serve us. And why not from the toltequismo or nahualismo shamanic vision? We lose nothing.

And at least, it promises to be fun. Pulling well. According to this ancient knowledge, what we call reality, the world we know, is not more than the interpretation that we do all that we can perceive. As people civilized, we believe that our senses and our reason are the limits of this perception. However, shamanism tells us that everything there is in the universe is nothing more than energy flowing incessantly and infinite. Know it by means of its view that it is not another thing that capture energy directly, without the filter of the interpretation. A feat that is achieved after a life of extraordinary discipline called the way of the Warrior. Nothing has to do with the eyes, is a way of making accessible such concept.

And that humans as a form of self-conscious life are receptacles which can only capture a fraction of energy. That microscopic portion is what we interpret and orchard in reality. For this reason, our senses and our reason, are nothing but part of those interpretations.


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