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Christmas In The USA

Santa Claus had made sure Santa Claus while on tour a few years ago, only America's chimneys and living room, you see the fat with the white beard is now climbing up now already at German and Austrian houses fronts. The difference between American and our practices designed in recent times not so great as it was in our childhood. Shopping fever begins quite early, depending on the state, family background and religious Christmas in the USA to be celebrated in different ways. As is now quite common even in Europe, starts the shopping fever even very many weeks before Christmas. Latest from the Thanksgiving Day, Americans celebrate the end of November, the hype begins on Christmas gifts. Christmas parades are held and broadcast on television, the houses are festooned with colored lights and Santa Claus is present in almost every department store. Even the families in the poorer areas of the U.S. can be the joy of her house during the festive season with to beautify lights, not take.

Santa Claus is fed with milk and biscuits are families with young children, large, mostly with electric candles and colorful Christmas ornaments decorated Christmas trees in their living room, while older couples and people prefer the sake of expediency and convenience with dogs rather small art Christmas tree. The Americans – especially the Southerners – are a very religious people. Some Catholics, for example, Christmas Eve visit to a 3 – to 4-hour show, while others attend regular Mass the next day.