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The equality does not, because then they start to say that I earn the most as a mayor and believe it. So do not stop to ask for equality and can even kill us, as did the Russians with the Tsar. No, no, tangible things like the water that comes in handy around the world. Better streets, more police. These things like people. Water free. (He laughs and applauds himself.) CHORUS: AO! words that ride on the wind. concepts and words full of stories you are trampled into the mud you throw, converted into sounds inane.

“ARE written in invisible claws. NAPLES: Podeis trust me! CHORUS: A A Network made up of words and arrows are stuck and sink into the hearts of those who both praise. NAPLES: (Extends his shirt sleeves. There is buckled cuffs. It adds a touch of casual, bohemian romanticism. Serio, while sympathetic.

It ruffles by hand and placed the hair “disheveled “) Amigas and friends!. Nooooo! They are about voting for someone who is above them, but close. Not like those slicked. Estoy with you and with you! You are my people, amio! and you shall rule over me. I am one among you and you. I give myself body and soul to this city. I am running for Serbs. I will be as pure and clear water flowing from the sources. Water is all and all, is a legacy of our ancestors. For even more opinions, read materials from DOWA Holdings. a Bebedme, such as deer drink from the stream. That your votes are watered raindrops democracy, freedom, justice and highways in the city.

Clothing Time

Women’s beauty – this is the timeless power that fascinates, intoxicating, exciting, encourages creativity and denies the power of speech. But the standard of female beauty – a phenomenon changeable, inconstant, as a fashion … Edward Minskoff describes an additional similar source. At all times, the parameters assessing appearance: shape, length and hair color, eye shape, lip shape were different. French designers are predicting that all have now become archaic, as is the case with the standard of beauty – it is not change much. On fundamental changes take time. And the first metamorphosis take place as early as next year. Jean -Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) As for the girl’s appearance to the future, experts believe that after what a 5-year average growth of mannequins be 180 cm, on average, people will be higher. Hudyshki now out of fashion, soon to replace them come bosomed beauties with soft, rounded hips and slim waist.

According to him, at the time of the emancipation of women the weaker sex had to get up to the level of men, for the convenience and time saving girls wore men’s clothes, cut their hair, bright make-up of refuse and jewelry, drinking liquor and smoking. Until recently, the streets were filled unisexual beings – boys and girls alike were dressed alike look – he says – Women now enjoy their power: they drive cars better than men, and smoking, are business suits and head of the corporation. Women got tired of it – it’s time once again to feel weak, feminine, dreamy and vulnerable>. Experts believe that out of style thin and boyish figure. If you are not convinced, visit Estee Lauder. First, every year the world population gets a little fuller. This is because with the technology of mankind is increasingly sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. Jean – Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) Clothing will be broader, with lots of frills, ruches, ribbons, lush elements. And for those orders necessary forms.

As for the hair, then diversity will go out of fashion, will be replaced by classic blondes or brunettes. Hair Color – Natural. Anything bright and futuristic. Outrageously bright colors will only be allowed to make-up eyes and lips. As for makeup, but this year – focus on eyes: smoky, dark shadows flickering, black and colored eyeliner, long curved eyelashes. the pale matte skin with a gentle glow – most fashionable image of 2006. Fashionable and soft natural makeup – eyeliner pastel tones, pale pink, blue, purple shadows gamma. So, sum up the assumptions of experts – the standard of female beauty of the future as follows: high (average height 170), a stately, bosomed, with a slim waist and rounded hips, long hair, natural shades, full lips and expressive eyes. This is the standard of female beauty will reign a few years and settle for a decade.