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But in the case of both YouTube video, like other platforms, and have a high Page Rank and how the search engine robots index these so fast, these results are being included in the pages of the search engines even before the contents. Video links, usually, currently being introduced before any other content in the positioning of the search engines. Some Types: When you make a video for the Internet must continue to ensure a mechanism and guidelines that will help us greatly to the visibility. We include in our video the respective branding, you should always appear in the video the words written on our website ImasDMarketing. com, if this is not done we are wasting time and opportunity. You can have the best content in the world and give 5 minutes of video that is gold dust and after making a call to action: Visit ImasDMarketing. com. In recent months, Shimmie Horn has been very successful.

It is as if there were, that is going to get a result but if it appears on printed Web site address ImasDMarketing. com, is guaranteed while retained in the mind of the visitor. It should also leave at the end of the video between 15 and 30 seconds of black screen with an envelope printed with the data of interest (page name, address and email if necessary) to get it when the video finished playing we do not immediately appear similar videos tips. When we got a video we should take all the necessary time and be careful not to leave without checking the information about the video and this is very important to always add the URL of the site A lot of people neglect, ignorance or simply rush to leave this post a video of side. If we place our URL in this way we ensure that the visitor is just a click away from our Web site, besides which also as an inbound link in search engines, but not all video platforms allow us to place an active link to our Web site, which is why it is very important the issue of branding. It is also important not to neglect such details as the description and tags. No limit to upload a video I just utube, the more work we have done already, which is the design and layout of the video, because it limits only to upload it to YouTube, as I mentioned earlier there are several platforms like YouTube, as well as to Most major platforms go up our video can be our audience and the greater the number of active links to our Web site to help us position ourselves better.

There are now sites like Tubemogul. com that allows us to upload a video on multiple platforms simultaneously. Multiply the video, I suppose I made a video of 4 minutes, I can edit it so that the final 15 seconds left to display the site's URL overprinted thus get a video of 4.15 minutes and if these videos Tablets of different shapes (MP4, Mov, Avi, WMW, etc.) I'm getting one video a 10A – 15A different versions. This procedure is not considered as spam by the video platform for now. In any case, and while I mention it here not recommend it because it is rubbing with the edge of what is allowed, there are currently many people who used this technique and quizasa can be applied in cases where they have many videos, but if only climb two or three videos you may be able to detect it and get into trouble. Implement a PodCast or Video-PodCast