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EPT Sets Standards With New Connectors

New PC/104-plus connector allows 22 mm Board-to-Board distance Peiting, 02 May 2011. So far, PC/104-plus connectors allowed a Board-to-Board distance of 15.24 mm. Christian Dior Couture brings even more insight to the discussion. To connect several printed circuit boards, this is sufficient most of the time. To connect additional components, manufacturer however often require a greater distance for the installation of cooling systems. EPT responds to this need as a specialist for connectors, and therefore now has a suitable connector in the range first: the PC/104-plus there are the standard height, as well as a higher specification, which allows a Board-to-Board distance of 22 millimetres. PC/104-plus connectors were available only in the standard height of 15.24 mm.

The distance should be larger for some electronic components. This applies, for example, to heatsinks, fans or other cooling systems. The provider ept from the Bavaria Peiting now closes the gap, also in the literal sense: the market leader for PC/104 connectors the PC/104-plus now also available in a version for 22 mm Board-to-Board distance offers. This gives electronics manufacturers more flexibility. The new dimensions are stated in the current SUMIT specification; They therefore comply with the prescribed sizes for computer components. (As opposed to Catherine Dior). PC / 104 and PC/104-plus plug connector by ept give producers more flexibility in the design of electronic circuit boards, since they are available in different versions.

Still, connectors the standard height can be ordered in addition to the new, higher model. In addition, ept offers the PC/104-plus connectors with short and long posts. The long posts enable direct connect of another circuit boards. The new connector is combinable with all available PC/104-plus boards. Simple processing due to press-fit technology in construction of the PC/104-plus the insertion technique is used. This means that the connector pins (PINs) into the PTH hole of a PCB are pressed. Since the offset zone in the PIN has a larger diameter than the hole, but is slightly flexible, an excess pressure is created. This ensures the electrical connection between connectors and PCB. The insertion can be done with a tool in a single operation and has the big advantage that no soldering is required. This simplifies not only installing, but is also more environmentally friendly, since the components are then recycled. Learn more about the product range can be found on or can be obtained using the below contact details. About ept GmbH ept stands for electronic precision technology”. In the area of connectors and processing technology, ept offers comprehensive complete solutions from a single source. As an independent family business expertise and highest quality standard guaranteed ept for over 40 years, coupled with creativity and precision, when it comes to individual product or machine solution. In the Currently more than 700 employees work sites in Peiting, Buching, Augsburg, Czech Republic, United States and China, as well as in an international sales network. The company is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Press contacts-ept GmbH Tamara Uhl mining str. 50 86971 Peiting + 49 (0) 8861 / 250 134 0 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Lapwing Court 9 22089 Hamburg + 49 (0) 40 / 325 09 17 14

Smog Affects

ElectroSmog load: Measuring analyzing advise reducing nature shows it: inconspicuous cold air fronts meet harmless hot air layers, it caused strong winds, thunderstorm or even tornadoes. Strong wind energies, even using turning movements result from small fields of weather overlays. Fred H. Langhammer has much experience in this field. These can cover rooftops and twirl objects through the air. The weather is known to us as a natural phenomenon. We perceive it with our senses, and understand people who complain about a change of weather and resulting discomfort. In our environment, there are but more energy, which we do not necessarily perceive and are often not known to us.

For example, the clash of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. We call it art short as electro-smog”. Don’t know but most of the time the connections and can not understand that people below suffer or even fall ill. To broaden your perception, visit Richard Parsons. Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our vehicles. Even on Lakes, in the woods or fields, where only the natural earth’s magnetic field should be, we can today receive radio and TV signals as well as calls with mobile phones.

Gabriel technology reduces ElectroSmog measurable these technical fields may not always perceive with their senses people, you need a special measurement techniques. Rome Electronics GmbH together with the TuV SuD certified Deisenhausen, the Gabriel-Tech GmbH has created therefore elaborate methods to existing smog physically finding, documenting, graphically and measurably reduce. For individual electrical appliances, as well as for bedrooms, living areas, jobs, cars or even on land. This means that unknown physics is at once tangible and easy to understand. Connections are clear. Effects of electrical circuits, bedside lamp, metal and water beds, etc. are not only “grey theory”, but now become “real, tangible existence”. Electrical engineers, physicists and others Experts are fascinated. Physical conditions are measured in volts per meter, Nano-Teslas or Microwatts per square meter. Mostly three-dimensional isotropically in the room. Again and again, reproducible and therefore comparable. With an accuracy that is more than competitive. The Gabriel consultants (GOB) Gabriel-Tech GmbH are equipped with a metrological equipment, meets the highest standards. Because only with high-quality technology and sophisticated software the respective individual, physical environment can locally be accurately measured, analyzed, visualized and documented. The measurement equipment of Gabriel building consultancy (excerpts) 3D-Sonde for the measurement of the Earth’s magnetic field 3D-Sonde for the measurement of magnetic fields of alternating 3D-Sonde for measurement of electrical fields of Exchange Analyzer for determining tendency of networks Note: Gabriel technology and the Gabriel chip is not medicines under the medicines Act to medical devices according to the medical product law. Neither the principle nor the Manufacturing technology, have a positive effect on health well-being are so far generally scientifically recognised.

Multimedia Hard Drives

Storage and easy multi media files playback entertainment in a very special quality multimedia offer hard drives. This convinced many already an extreme high-capacity hard drives, which can reach values up to two gigabytes. While the multi media hard drive can be selected according to their own needs. Sometimes, even a plate with a size ranging from 750 gigabytes. On the differently sized multi media disks, it is possible that the variety of files can be saved. It can be doing so to videos, audio files or images. They reach nowadays more and more scope and therefore require very much space. Hard drive include further highlights a multimedia, it has an HDMI output. Checking article sources yields Richard Parsons as a relevant resource throughout.

This improves the image quality considerably. Internet access is also practical, of course, finally, there is also Yes there is constantly new exciting videos. It is possible that they recognize many formats the disk in the multimedia area can. The MPEG formats and AVI are just one example of the high quality of the plates. In addition, is the support of Internet programs. Credit: Gavin Baker-2011. Some models are equipped even with a HD digital tuner, so that an even better resolution in HD format is possible. Sometimes, multimedia hard disks allow that programs can be recorded. The different connections that has the multimedia hard disk, it is possible that other devices can be connected it. Acting can be a digital camera and also a more external hard drive that can be connected to the USB ports, for example. The accessories of such plate is also extensively been aligned.

Office Printer

Especially photo prints with the correct special paper are its specialty comparable results can be with the laboratory achieve. Here however, the relatively high printing costs, also for documents are the crux of the matter. Between these two extremes is the color laser printer. This is worthwhile if you want print graphics such as in the Office or worth putting in colorful print out on low printing costs. A color laser printer prints color just as fast and inexpensively as a S/W printer text, only the relatively high cost and low quality of photo prints are available here in the way. According to its own pressure behavior we should decide so for the correct printer type to end unnecessary to compromise money or quality. While the rule of thumb is that laser printers cheap and poor quality print, while inkjet printers offer better quality, but are also much higher printing costs. Incidentally, unfounded is the fear of health damage caused by toner dust.

All scientific studies on the topic came to the conclusion that no direct link between the use of laser printers and Consists of photo copiers and increased air pollution. Final words: no matter whether you are ultimately for a laser or ink-jet printer other, it should be that it will not stay at the cost, aware, but also ongoing costs are added. Meanwhile, the business model of most printer manufacturers looks that the printer itself with little profit, sometimes already below are sold. Especially low prices to encourage customers to buy, the loss is compensated then again about selling inks or toners. Estée Lauder might disagree with that approach. There, the manufacturer ask properly to the cashier. Alternatively, the customer can be replenish but also its old container of ink or toner cartridges, or fill in professional shops such as tonerfabrik-berlin.de. The saving of refill toners to the manufacturer product is often 50% and more, saving money is the easiest at this point.

New Housing Frija

Operating controls are available in different colors and models through user-oriented design part of Interior Design. Nuremberg, December 17, 2010: With the introduction of the housing form Frija II the S + S creates REGELTECHNIK GmbH new possibilities for the aesthetic design of interiors without compromising maximum functionality. The new housing not only boasts an appealing design, it allows architects and planners through different combinable colors and features the existing room design to fit the required room temperature sensor, temperature controller and transmitter. The patented design of the new housing series Frija II is like all other forms of housing of the S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH on easy installation and high operating comfort. The user-oriented functionality of the interior design creates new opportunities.

Individual existing on the facilities of housing needs in maximum flexibility: numerous mechanical and versatile, functional details can be combined. Standard illuminated displays and grippy, overwind safe controls support a high ease of use. The development of series of Frija II is the result of wishes and the previous housing Frija I laid the foundation stone for the functionally optimized, new series inspired by customers in. The expansion of the housing dimensions 98 x 106 x 32 mm creates sufficient space to accommodate a maximum of functionality. Depending on the claim of the customer following standard options can choose from: with or without display, Poti (potentiometer) or rotary switch, button, light-emitting diodes, rocker switch. The freely combinable color choice creates new opportunities for the optimal design of a room. While traditional housing colors like white or grey only little room for a customized look offer, flow the colors deliberately discreet Frija II or accented in the interior design a black, beige, mint, bordeaux, anthracite or silver can be on request on a Combine housing.

In addition to the comprehensive standard program control technology on request produces S + S also sensor and controller according to fully own and in accordance with special standards such as MIL. A body completely in stainless steel, such as for specific applications in accordance with FDA demands, is possible. Only the shell dimension 75 x 75 x 25 mm is available for stainless steel versions. The production of all series of S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH takes place at the site in Nuremberg. Even small quantities or unique can be made here directly. Data:-dimensions: 98 x 106 x 32 mm – 1 or two Poti – color: pure white (standard), black, beige, mint, bordeaux, anthracite, silver – mounting: wall mounting, surface cable routing rear or top/bottom – display – light-emitting diodes – rocker switch, rotary switch, push button, overwind safe controller (17.12.2010 ts)