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Holistic Education

Holistic education takes place in the levels of the noosphere and teosfera. Sustainable culture is managed in a holistic awareness – integral. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cushman and Wakefield. Awareness in holistic education is a kind of universal consciousness and evolutionary flow of human beings. A leading source for info: Shimmie Horn. Individual consciousness are the purposes, goals, vision, interests, personality differences, learning style of individuals, is the individual. Community Awareness: The way reality is understood, the way we relate and generates the sense of belonging in family, school, town or city where you reside. Social consciousness: It is social justice, democracy and peace, is the culture of the country where education is related to national projects.

Planetary Consciousness: The globalization demands a social interest in looking for a welfare to the human family is pear think globally act locally. Spiritual Awareness: The essence of our true nature, becoming universal beings, compassionate and loving transcend and evolve a consciousness of truth, goodness and beauty of all life. The birth of this new culture presents us with new challenges as breaking with traditional practices and the dynamics of the old educational model, such as working with emotional intelligence is more important than academic intelligence or IQ, as it is defined as ability to control one's feelings, the ability to stay calm and control impulsivity. Holistic education has identified four strategic learning for the education of XXI century, which have also been identified by UNESCO, but with slight differences, such as: Learning to learn, which is the ability to target and take responsibility for own learning, auto update to know where to seek knowledge, which is related to the scientific consciousness begins with the initiative to ask as an act to investigate without fear, potentiate the attributes of consciousness for learning such as attention, listening, perception, the curiosity, intuition, creativity, etc.