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Acute And Chronic Bronchitis. Medical Advice

A general description of the problem of chronic bronchitis, bronchitis, smoker, recurrent bronchitis – all varieties of the same problems. It consists in inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi and bronchial walls. Usually Bronchitis starts with acute inflammation, such as during viral infection. Membrane of the bronchi swells, then a large amount of mucus. As a result, the lumen of the bronchus is narrowed, the appropriate ventilation worsens of the lungs. Because of this, there may be congestion.

Deteriorating blood circulation in the affected bronchus, and as a consequence, associated, chronic infection, which may have existed there for a very long time. Very it often happens that after the flu or some other viral cough is still present in the form of residual effects, and can last for months or even years. Chronic bronchitis is a predisposing factor to the containers for graphical development of asthma and even pneumonia. So treat chronic bronchitis is very important. The main symptoms of chronic Bronchitis: 1.

Cough may be dry or wet. It is often in the morning, with expectoration of sputum or without. 2. Periodic temperature rises. Generally low, to 37.5. But, if in the event of a weakened organism, it is the opposite – body temperature is lowered. 3. Discomfort in the chest and back between the shoulders (as if itching inside). Usually characterized by a period of exacerbation. 4. Cough with copious expectoration of sputum after the meal. 5. If you put your palms on your chest so that the thumbs are facing up to, and take a deep breath, you can feel his hands vibration, 'as though the air with the force passes chezez viscous liquid'. Rales in the lungs, often heard even without phonendoscope. Of course, when the cough worried a long period, while the general condition is poor, extremely it is important to visit a doctor and undergo additional testing.