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Ceilings – a unique design that can quickly and effectively solve the problem of ceilings in offices, homes, commercial premises, industrial and other areas. In today's world ceilings were an integral part of the interior of public buildings. They allow you to realize the placement of complex engineering equipment, such as: ventilation systems, electric wiring and lighting, air conditioning and fire suppression. C through suspended ceilings can be solved by a variety of design projects. Variety of suspended ceilings allows you to choose a customized solution for each case, to create an attractive appearance and comfortable atmosphere. With the convenient construction of a suspended ceiling can be used for decoration for different purposes. The device is a false ceiling suspended ceiling – a system which consists of metal frame suspended from the overlap.

On this skeleton placed or fastened or finished modular elements (panels, strips, tapes, cellular modules), or plasterboard, creating the ceiling. You may find that Glenn Hubbard can contribute to your knowledge. The main advantages of the suspended ceiling of the positive aspects of the ceiling is obvious. Suspension System decorates cracks, spots, bumps and other visible defects of the old ceiling and enables "Hide" engineering equipment, placed under the ceiling. When using modular suspended ceilings in case of repair, some items may be freely substituted. /&referrer=https://www.google.co.il/’>Oracle for more information. Special Acoustic Ceilings perfectly absorb different sound and reduce noise levels, creating a comfortable acoustic environment in the room.

In addition, thanks to a good Fluorescence some models ceilings substantially improve illumination of the places where they are located. Naturally, the important advantage of suspension systems is the fact that they are easy, simple and most importantly quick to install. Besides a large number of functional tasks that solve the ceilings, they are also an excellent tool for creating individual interior design. Installation of suspended ceilings on design features ceilings divided into modular and solid ceilings. Surface of the reviewed unit ceiling is made up of finished modular elements made of various materials. Lattice frame can be isolated or hidden. Many writers such as Daryl Katz offer more in-depth analysis. All the elements of a modular grid systems are interconnected. This ensures the design flexibility and adaptability for the installation and use. In the case of repairing the damaged modules can be easily replaced with new ones. Solid ceilings are usually assembled from sheets of drywall. In this case preserved the main advantages of the ceiling. Feature of solid suspension systems is the need to provide special hatches for easy Access Communications, located in the ceiling space. Materials used for the production of modules Ceiling – Metal (steel, aluminum) – Mineral wool – Mineral Fiber – Reinforced Gypsum – Drywall – Plastic – Wood – Glass from the "mirror" of polystyrene

How To Fix The Chandelier

All ceiling lights are set almost identically, regardless of their type. Of course, having some theoretical knowledge, you can easily carry out installation work on your own – please read our instructions and begin working on installing chandeliers. First, define the place of 'habitat' ceiling fixtures. Correct to have a chandelier in the center of the room or in the 70-80 cm above the dining table when it talking about a kitchen or dining room. For odnolampovoy chandeliers should use one light bulb at 100 watts (W). In the case of double lamp chandeliers set the two light bulbs at 60 watts each. For three or more lamp bulbs for chandeliers use 40 watts.

Tools stepladder cutters Indicator Screwdriver Electrical tape Flashlight Chandelier In some cases, is supposed to use a square ceiling panels for suspended ceilings, screwdriver, screws. You may need and help each other. Important: If you are going to decorate the house a new chandelier, be sure to read the instructions that came with the fixture. Exercise extreme caution when working with heavy chandelier at the height so as not to injure himself or his assistant. Also try to assess the compliance of the new chandelier design space. The process laid out neatly on a flat surface, all prefabricated parts Chandeliers (Ceiling, lights, frame, etc.) and necessary tools.

For convenience of assembly work outfit working area as follows: remove the top rung of the ladder, ladders, and secure its place one square ceiling panel for suspended ceilings. Use screws and a screwdriver. As an alternative, as a 'stand' fit and ordinary dining table. Disconnect the wiring in the ceiling by a switch, which located in the housing distribution panel. Make a successful outage by using a special flat screwdriver (if you touch a dead overhead wiring indicator light does not should be lit). Remember that you must exercise extreme caution when working with electrical wiring! Includes a new chandelier, you can find a special fastening – 'hook' by which lighting the device is suspended from the ceiling in a special connecting node. Attach the chandelier on the ceiling using the 'hook'. Check the ceiling wiring for damage. If necessary, remove the insulation from the wire at 3-5 mm using wire cutters. Typically, ceiling harness has a special color-coded. You can find the same thing, looking at the wiring chandeliers. Black (brown) wire is a phase. White (blue) – 'zero'. In some cases found the yellow (green) wire that is grounded. Connect one black wire chandeliers with one black wire in the connecting node. Repeat the same with the other two black wires, as well as 'White' wiring. In any case not connected via wires of different colors! It is also necessary to remember not to twist the copper and aluminum wire! Preferable to use a special socket, which fastens the wires with screws through the bush. If necessary, block off the bared wires of special adhesive tape. Next, make sure the wiring is connected properly. Insert the bulbs into cartridges chandeliers. Connect the electricity and flip switches in the room. If the chandelier is lit, it means you did everything correctly. On the bracket, chandeliers you'll find a special decorative 'cap'. Pick it up to the connecting node so that it has closed an entire wiring and connector assembly. With the lock nut lock cap. Wear shades. Wipe dry with a cloth surface chandeliers. Spend your spring cleaning.