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Steel Doors

As you can see, the design of modern steel doors far removed from their predecessors, welded corners and sheets of iron. They may have transoms, windows (of course, with a special, including and bulletproof, glass) to be one, one and a half and double. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. But the basic elements of steel doors remain unchanged: the frame (box) and the case of steel doors. Perhaps even the existence of a rough frame (or kontroramy) fastened by welding to the downtrodden powerful steel pins – bolt. Already a roughing the door frame with screws, which allow to correct its position in space, fixed frame itself. In most domestic models steel door frame is not rough, and the box is connected directly to the wall – with the metal pin it attaches to the doorway and "planted" in the weld.

For all the simplicity steel doors are the mechanism in which each element plays an important role: the blade, and locking system, and the box, and a filler, and appearance – all of them in the complex shaping products, which we appreciate. Cloth steel door housing a steel door consists of one or more steel plates (paintings) and the stiffeners as beams and ribs. In the body of a steel door stiffener can be placed vertically, horizontally, or a combination (in a grid). Used for these steel sections can be of different configurations and have a thickness of 1,5-4 mm. The very same blade steel doors manufactured using frame technology. There are two basic types of frames: made on the basis of rolled mild steel, to the benefits of which include a good load-carrying capacity and impact resistance, made of thin extruded profiles (these steel doors of its good spatial rigidity and lightness).