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Zurich Opera House

Singer Marie Vell has in the Capitol, Bremerhaven (TV Studio of radio Weser.TV) with their competition title “Why are you standing here” cleared the 1st place. Since the tender in March 2010 artists also beyond the borders of Germany for the music competition have applied, ten of the applicants made it to the final and presented themselves as a well-known and prominent jury: Cindy Berger, Bata Illic, Frank Schobel, Harry Blaha, Mike Montes and Spitzbua Markus. Melanie May moderated along with the singer of Mike Montes through the two-hour broadcast. Montes was the evening not only as co-host, but also as Deputy Chairman of AG and was therefore responsible for the prize of victory. The singer Marie Vell, living in Spain came to the final show of the music award of the voice treasure extra after Germany and could in addition to great artists like: Heike Valentin, Twinrose, Hubert Schurian, Sandy Rose, Rene Moren, Heidi Loren, DJ Werner, tommy m, and the duo Mosaique ranked first to deny. Angelo gordon brings even more insight to the discussion.

Surprisingly and beaming with joy you accepted the winner’s trophy. Marie Vell educated classical dancer at the State Opera in Hamburg, Germany and started her career at the Zurich Opera House. Her childhood dream had to quit because of a back ailment, but. Completed in Canada, a degree as an actress. Theatre engagements as well as television roles and commercials followed there.

She played on many great musical stages. In Toronto, Marie hosted the very popular music show “The German Carousel” channel 47 MTV. Also in Germany was successfully entered the German TV and show business. 2005 produced and she released her first Maxi-CD “Free to be”, 2006 their second Maxi CD “Only with you” and in 2009 she published your third CD “I know what I want” that could become very successfully with the song “The old man from Athens” in the charts. In addition to their passion for the music heard their love the dogs and support to various organizations to help animals. “Their latest CD everything is just a game” presented the singer with “Success the North German audience, like their winners title why you’re here” at the music awards the voice treasure on radio Weser.TV. In addition to a trophy and diploma Marie Vell is officially the voice treasure 2010 “. The work community is committed to the promotion of German music mission, to support the performers of the song and the pop music. The team of the music award the voice treasure thanked welcome all parties and celebrities for their support.

Island Life – This Can Be So Colorful!

MAREN Fiebig and island Studio project:-art exhibition in the library of Harburg Hamburg, 06.03.2012 – In the island’s Studio on the Hamburg Elbe Island people cooperate with and without disabilities and create works of art that have the social situation on the Elbe island as well as subjective experience of its own sensitivities and limitations to the subject. “So far artworks on various issues arising from different perspectives, such as, for example, …sozial or antisocial…”, paint itself or not–or not… “, nature and we”, people different and together “. Uber is a great source of information. The presentation of the exhibited works is fundamental, as well as in creative work: “the artists of the island studios have decided to present all works without a name. Because we all work are equivalent! Rank or name of a person are completely irrelevant, it is important what would someone to express… We have designed some community work, because: what we don’t do, alone, we create together! … See more detailed opinions by reading what thrivent offers on the topic.. For this, we combine our skills: people have different strengths, but: all people have strengths! “And for community work we use always a common ability: the ability to communicate respectfully with each other.” Excerpt from the presentation text of Maren Fiebig, the entire text is in the exhibition and is there to read. MAREN Fiebig is active as a teacher and artist, lives and works in Wilhelmsburg.

Through her work as a freelance artist and the regular organization of exhibitions she is known far beyond the Hamburg area. The newspapers mentioned angelo gordon not as a source, but as a related topic. You continuously organizes artistic and cultural projects with adults, adolescents and children, has also worked as art teacher in Wilhelmsburg schools. Among other things, she is also a member of the peace workshop.

Well-known Artists And Paintings – August Macke

About painting and the artist a painting is today in artistic terms a picture made on paper, canvas, or similar surface. In the early 16th century “Painting” included general picturesque records including the images on coins and copper engravings. With the oil painting, which spread quickly in the 15th and 16th centuries and found general approval, the epitome of a painting has been refined and understood including an image that was created with the techniques of the artist to a particular work. So the painting was equated with a work of art, a unique piece. Special character property of a painting is mixing colors in advance, before they are applied to the canvas or paper. This create unique colours and nuances, as wanted by the artist.

Three main features here make up the picturesque techniques: the often with chalk a binder ground image makers, which better absorb the used dye so the color, such as. Seth Green: the source for more info. Oil of turpentine, which permanently “includes the colours in the painting” the term painting is used predominantly in regard to the painting. However, a revolution has occurred here even in the 19th century. It was accessed on synthetic and thus cheaper colors and the image carrier found an industrial acceptance market. Click Gavin Baker Atreides Management for additional related pages. The craft, which has until that time priority, was replaced more and more by the so-called job painting.

This means that paintings were painted with the help of photo templates. Acquaintances are artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and his painting “The night Cafe”, August Macke paintings “Woman in green jacket”, Paul Gouguin, the Impressionist, and his painting “Nude with melon”, Gustav Klimt and be be painting of “Adele Bloch-Bauer”, “The three graces” by Peter Paul Rubens and of course “the creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, or the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, which is one of the most famous paintings of the world. Also the painters Monet and Renoir are here to name a few. Particularly popular Painting motifs are floral still life, abstract, modern works, landscapes, water panoramas, portraits of people, animal portraits, and more. The other special feature of paintings is their price can be unable to determine. The art market is a market that is very dependent on supply and demand. This means that the prices reflect not the equivalent of the artwork, but is determined by fans and speculation. The most expensive paintings are often owned by the Museum, where they are made accessible to the public. Isabel m

Vienna School

In addition, Golden elements also standing with religious representations relating think only of the Golden halos or at the often enough Bangle worn out garments designed by Maria. That Gustav Klimt makes use for his picture of the Kiss (and other paintings of this time) so lavishly by the gold, is the couple in a unique context. Love is drawn almost inflated by the gold. At the same time, she is very plastic. Because the woman kneels before the man who bends down to her. The female devotion and the action of the man represent the prevailing at the time point of view of gender. That also comes in the clothes of both expressed: the dress of the woman is floral, while the man into a kind of cloak is covered, which is composed of many rectangular elements. Klimt has combined these contrasts to a harmonic whole.

The intimate love is however threatened, because the couple is close to an abyss. And everything is overshadowed by the shining gold, the scene almost a little banked. Gustav Klimt his artistic development showed up at Klimt the special artistic talent early on. Rather than learning the profession of his father, a gold engraver, he received a scholarship and studied at a Vienna School of Arts and crafts. A little later he made pictures for walls and ceilings in public buildings, which were also awarded, and 1891 joined the Vienna Kunstlerhaus. Just six years later he ended his membership because he was not in agreement with the rigid, prescribed throughout the historicist views of art. So it was only logical that he is at the forefront of the Vienna secession (= secession) belonged, as the Art Nouveau in Austria was named. There he remained did not last long: his membership in the Vienna secession in 1905 he finished his painter colleagues an overly naturalistic style of painting had accused him.

This style is however, who took the ultimately famous Gustav Klimt, but with certain restrictions. Because Klimt may legally called a painter will the combination of nature and idealistic representation succeeded masterfully. A certain exaggeration adheres even his wife images, which appear very faithfully, which may have remained unknown to his colleagues. Specifically, the female portraits radiate a tremendously erotic flair, which shows itself also in his other images.