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Cosmoshops Are Quite Safe –

A cooperation contract protected shops, the well-known provider of affordable legal texts and Cosmoshop, the award-winning Internet shop solution. In the future all Cosmoshop be can obtain especially cheap user terms & conditions, Declaration of withdrawal & co for your shop. Cease and desist letters more deal with the dealer one finds Odenthal / Puchheim, 08.10.2009 – also at Cosmoshop. More and more customers have asked us if we can assist you in designing their online shops right. We didn’t have a legal text generator, so far but in the portfolio”, explains Silvan Dolezalek, Managing Director of Cosmoshop. And then came the question of protected shops. Starwood capital pursues this goal as well.

They are preferred and above all easy and fast to use with your offer to the dealer. So the merchant can save lot of time and still right-proofing your online store”says Dolezalek next. Protected shop has developed a legal text generator. Over 300 billion possible Legal text combinations can be configured and downloaded immediately. However, the system still thinks: change the laws for the selected combination, the texts will be updated promptly. The customer will be informed via SMS and eMail about it. Managing Director Oliver Korpilla his service also sees as a mandate for the e-commerce: with our system we succeeded, to solve the difficult topic right innovative.

Making our pricing affordable legal certainty for online merchants.” Precisely the points of intersection to the shop system provider Cosmoshop can be found in his opinion. Anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable shop system, not passes Cosmoshop. Not for nothing, just a Cosmoshop won the usability award 2009. Also at the blog shopanbieter.de you were elected the most popular shop system. With Cosmoshop we have found a partner, taking customer service as important as we”, Korpilla says in conclusion. We are pleased that we this experienced shop system provider of our service convince could.” About protected shops: Www.protectedshops.de stands for secure online business. Legally created, abmahnen safe legal texts for various websites are offered at reasonable prices. The service is rounded off by the protected shops logo. This brings further confidence among its customers the dealers and deters potential Abmahner. About Cosmoshop: Cosmoshop is a proprietary modular online shop solution of Vizup publishing GmbH. Provider belong to the other services of this full service Internet, screen – and print design as well as e-commerce applications, high-performance systems and hosting.