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Scientific Problems

Intuition in the resolution of the scientific problems. Intucion means clear, intimate, instantaneous perception of an idea or a truth, as if you would have to view.From the philosophical point of view the more general meaning of the word is: all natural disposition to understand sudden and clearly a thing or idea, or a project or cause for action. Research conducted by the Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo, who defines intuition as an intellectual vision which seems to come from the bottom of the soul, a revelation inside surguida and that does not depend on the mental effort. Suddenly, we perceive something that then we check that it is true and important.Pasteur said that large intuitions were only given to those who are prepared to receive them. Father Quevedo tells us that in the majority of cases this is true; because there may be other types of intuition, even paranormal as they will be. The researcher, the experimenter, the philosopher, has suddenly intuition very good, not knowing from where it came, but before it had employed much time and energy looking for the solution that is presented now sudden, and irrasional (without logic).Dr.

Langmuir says: often underestimate the importance of intuition. In almost all the scientific problems, even in those who took us days and months of work, the final solution was presented to our spirit in a fraction of seconds, by a process which, consciously, should not be anything to reasoning. The result is an unconscious reasoning. The mathematical Persigout, showed that Descartes, Kepler, Pascal and others had much of his discoveries to the work of the unconscious. In the health section will find quality items related to the power of the mind and body care; for personal and spiritual growth.