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Holy Spirit

Because the Christian God is a God revealed. Christianity in a revealed religion or supernatural. Additional information is available at Edward Minskoff. It means then that there are two kinds of religions. There is a natural religion and the supernatural or revealed. Natural religion, means that, across all cultures and through studies of cultural anthropology, we see that all groups all the human cultures, there is always a religious illusion in each of them. So naturally wanted man linked to a deity, a supreme being. The word religion comes from the Latin word a religarea which means being tied up, be related to a deity (religious practices) Christianity is not a natural religion is a religion natural or revealed. It means that the Christian God is a God who has revealed himself as a God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And the center of the union of these Divine Persons is love. And that has been revealed by Divine Will. Has been expressed freely self man. God takes the initiative to communicate. Key features of the Christian revelation of God: 1 .- It has been revealed freely, and love for humanity. 2 .- It has been revealed in the history of man. 3 .- It has been revealed in a progressive and educational. 4 .- It reaches its fullness and completion in Jesus Christ. ty in the matter.

There is no history of Christian revelation. The Christian God in popular terms, not revealed of whack. It is revealed in a progressive manner and teaching in the history of mankind.