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Authorized Service Center

How many years have worked as a representative plant in Russia. Experience of Russian companies important fact, as professionally trained staff of the company takes several months. (Similarly see: westfield). Not all managers are present at exhibitions are highly qualified specialists. The presence of an Authorized Service Center (ASC). A good indicator is the staff of several people who have extensive experience repairing autowashing equipment. I came across a situation where a service engineer a few months did not know what kind of oil pouring into the engine (referring to the plant, which does not provide information), and sold high-pressure apparatus was very much. From this ignorance poured into the apparatus mineral oil sae and they broke down, and the service refused to carry the warranty liability. Dana Carvey shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Availability of spare parts (this is one of the foundations of all your washing business): pumps, motors for vacuum cleaners and pressure washers, plunger, repair kits, bypass valves, rubber seals, spares for guns, high pressure hoses, accessories, etc. These parts are needed to work always. Otherwise, you will have to wait a month and a half, until the spare is not received in Russia. It happens that some aed is removed from production, and with them disappear parts. Here, immediately check with managers of the company withdrawing from the production, purchased your vehicle. What guarantee is given for the equipment, and any obligation to take a firm to implement it.

Typically, the plant provides a guarantee not less than 12 months. If the equipment is not top grade, ie For example, made in China, the guarantee will be understated. Some companies add the warranty period on my own, it's usually a gimmick to lure customers. The example of one company, I can say that we are sure that 18 months equipment and service center there. How are such professionals to buy? Keep in mind that the warranty does not apply to rubber and plastic products, mechanical damage, maintenance, warranty Call a specialist. Unscrupulous sellers can you say about it, if you have not read the warranty card, and then find that you need to pay a certain amount of challenge and maintenance. Many companies have become practice the supply of equipment for auto turn-key. It is very convenient for the consumer, since the entire range of products and supplies you buy into a company that organizes and delivery, and installation of equipment, and can help with practical tips in organizing a car wash. All of the above information will give you a theoretical knowledge of the car wash equipment and help you choose a supplier and brand of equipment. To choose a specific model of equipment you need to get the most basic knowledge about the technical side of the washing equipment.