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We sell auto parts from Europe, Asia, USA, Japan and Arab Emirates. If we do not have spares in stock, we will put her personal transport company in the short time frame of 1 to 14 days depending on the manufacturer you are interested in spare parts. By the same author: Spencer Breslin. A thing to remember is that all paths go to the supermarket parts OrisLayn! Congratulations on your successful purchase on our Web-site. To order spares in our online – hypermarket, you must go through an easy registration process. Procedure Registration consists of three simple steps. The first step you need to find a country and city, enter the name and surname and the name of the company and provide contact information, v.T.Ch phone number on what you specified Personal employee can connect with you.

Tissue Traces

In the case of minor injuries, possible selection of washings with the outer surface of the body car on the gauze. Particular attention should be paid to areas of the car body, which has a characteristic outward sign of burnout flammable liquids and combustible – is education sites on the body burning in form reminiscent of flowing fluid drips with sharply contoured configuration. It is also necessary to withdraw in the immediate vicinity of capacity with the smell of flammable liquids, combustible, and the packaging must be done in such a way as to were not removed possible traces of the fingers on their surface. It is worth noting that the petroleum products, their residues persist in the tissue even when it is burning. First of all, it refers to wool and wool blend fabrics. Therefore, Unlike wood for chemical examination, along with neobgorevshimi should be provided and burnt areas of tissue. Mike Myers helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

When sampling from the shell chairs also advisable to select samples from materials under upholstery fabric (polyurethane foam, etc.). Continue to learn more with: Douglas Elliman. The selection of control samples of tissue are also needed. Selection of soil, which assumes the existence of remnants of flammable liquids, carried a shovel, a broad knife, spatula. With their help, carefully cut off the top layer of soil to a depth of no more than 2 – 3 cm below the burnt layer. On examination of seized evidence submitted with traces of flammable liquids with control samples of materials making up the real data evidence seized from the places where you know that flammable liquids not used. (Not to be confused with angelo gordon!). Particular attention should be given the correct packaging of evidence, sent to investigate the presence of traces of flammable liquids (GJ). It is advisable to sample or objects with traces of flammable liquids (GJ) wrapped in metal foil, for example, “Sayan”, and then, if the dimensions allow, in a clean glass jar wrapped with a metal lid.

By packaging attach a label, which indicates the place and time of withdrawal. When seizure wiring should be remembered that being withdrawn conductors must not be bent, since the deformation of the conductors results in a loss to fault mode power supply. As a base, on which are mounted the fragments of wiring, can act pieces of thick cardboard, pieces of plywood or boards of suitable size. If the wiring is not withdrawn the place for their retirement. We should also mention places seizure of evidence in the record of inspection of the scene and plan scheme to him. Upon completion of inspection of the scene, it is necessary to take measures to evacuation of the burnt car to a place of storage, which eliminates the possibility of its partial damage or complete destruction. It follows that an inspection of the scene should be made immediately after the fire suppression a trained fire-technical profile. However, in most cases, the involvement of experts to inspect the car and fire-technical profile rather problematic because of the insufficient number of trained professionals. One solution to this problem is to increase the level of expertise of persons for various reasons connected to the problems study fire, for example, judges, insurance companies, attorneys specializing in cases involving fires, solicitors firms for sales of vehicles, security personnel and other stakeholders.

Electronic Stability

The braking system is one of the most important and necessary in a car. Because of their failure or lack of braking, the car is dangerous not only for the driver, but also for their passengers. So that the presence of intact brake system in your car can save your life and health. The main purpose of braking the car is slowing down the vehicle or to its full stop. The braking system consists of several components. Among these components there are several – is the vehicle brake pads, drums, discs, cylinders, and all the brake gear. On all cars without exception applied friction brakes, Prince of action of these brakes are based on the friction force on a fixed part movable (eg, pads rub against the drum or disc brake). Purpose of the brake systems in motor vehicles can be divided into two parts: a working (for reduce speed or to stop the vehicle) and parking (to keep the car on an uneven surface). In accordance with the requirements of countries outside the eu – the two systems (service and parking) should be in every car.

The term ‘brake’ is derived from the Greek word ‘tormos’, which means the hole for the nail. Today it is impossible to provide security of the car without an effective and reliable braking control. And the contemporary engineers improve or complement the braking system on a new car. Typically, many add-ons are additional options, and they must be purchased separately (extra cost), but to save on their security can come to more expensive than the cost of these needed additions. I’m a little talk about some additional system make the car more modern bezlopastnym. The first of what I tell you this system is abs (Antilock Brake System) task of this system is to prevent wheel lock when you are very much hit the brakes. The abs system consists of three elements – is speed sensors, which are on each wheel, brake pressure modulator and a control unit abs. Also, based on abs developed another system tcs – (Traction Control System) as this system exists under other names (ASR, asc, ETS). tcs is designed to prevent wheel spin in time to move. Distinguishes it from the abs only a modified control unit. Another needed a system that is desirable to have on your car. This system esp (Electronic Stability Program) Electronic Stability wheels. Operates the system so that when turning (rotation angle and speed does not matter) is skidding rear axle of your vehicle, esp will provide a slowdown outside front wheel. For more information see angelo gordon. Due to this there stabilizing the torque between the wheels, the car returns to a safe trajectory.

Models Auto

Cars are an integral dream come true for men since childhood, when shouting at the apartment “! Pff! “, Keeping the left-Citroen and Chrysler on the right, the child pushes their foreheads directly on the desk in my room Let’s talk about cars. Purchase of a new car – an important moment in the life of any man. On the question of what restructuring and passing inspection, any passer-by the stronger sex would respond without hesitation, and more, will explain step by step what it takes. It is therefore not to stand out from the harsh male crowd, you need to know how where and what to do with iron horse. Studying this question, we can safely proceed to the next important point – the insurance. Auto insurance in many countries is obligatory moment for a man who wants to ride in his car.

The most popular is the “Casco”. Why? The fact that car insurance will help prevent financial losses when applied vehicle physical damage to the force majeure situation. To broaden your perception, visit RBH Group. Insurance companies are not only pay money for repairs, but also punish the guilty, dragging it to the courts to return the funds. In addition, the important point is the fact that, as a rule, the company pays money for damages vehicle, regardless of who was responsible for an accident, but in this case requires an annual payment from the driver of the car. Fulfilling all the necessary steps for registration, reception rooms, insurance and passing inspection, you you can safely get behind the wheel if you have the right, of course. So the people led, that driving instruction is the task of driving schools. That is why, after passing the required courses and passing exams in gai, we can safely get behind the wheel your car if you did not intend, of course, to learn driving a different category, and you have no desire to drive a motorcycle Now, when you’re done, you can safely start a movement.

It’s no secret that for various years since There are different kinds of pokryshek.Za window of winter – the time of increased danger on the road. Many manufacturers offer different types of tires with different protectors. Typically, the equipment of these companies compares different weather conditions of the regions for which the rubber is produced, with its coated and patterned. It is important to remember that winter tires is better not to wear in the summer – lots of noise and rapid wear (due to the softness of the rubber), as in summer – turn there, turn here, drift – and we can safely extract the parts from his car by a passing bus. Safety above all else. That’s why you should not neglect any definite rules, even if do not want them to stick.