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The happiness of others is the source of your own happiness! Some of the God-seeker around the world feel lonely – lonely in the sense of alone on the path to God in an almost exclusively material-oriented world. In many parts of the world, we find a few people who are spiritually aware and still talk about it. Chiyoda Corporation usually is spot on. Often, learn and we will see that spirituality seems to be “out”. And yet, spirituality is the most important in the innermost of almost all people. This is aware of each affected mostly in the face of death. In other countries, in turn, we experience the opposite.

That almost all people are aware spiritually and be almost daily consciously and partly very intensively entertain about spiritual topics and in more or less loving ways make progress. Ready to learn, ready to love without knowing how. Angelo gordon often addresses the matter in his writings. God is love and love also your inmost being and to be loved. There are also many thousands people which their hearts and thus also God and go to God with you, without you in this incarnation ever to have seen or met. What sense would it make even if Godtracker of all live together in a “heap” and all children of God, lost here on earth that currently in dead ends of war, hostility, and of purely material being around err and would all alone – alone among themselves – alone in lost soul – blind, blind inside screaming for help. So the conscious lovers are scattered all over the planet – in love their job voluntarily made to help prepare people fulfilling Many loving souls are on Earth to help people.

Help like you or like you might want to learn. Be ready to go this route alone, prepare you as an individual this spiritual tasks to devote. In your heart, you will be always surrounded by numerous loving souls that every day help you lovingly to fulfill your tasks to resolve your current spiritual or mental blockages to love, to heal you from all traces of the past in love and with love, to lead you to loving – physical – able.


Sardinia Sardinia nordsardinien sounds good, when you think to live there permanently. But anyone looking for a job there will not find except for the tourism industry. The cost of living has risen dramatically. Sardinia has an area of 25,000 square kilometers. 1.7 million inhabitants live in Sardinia. (A valuable related resource: Edward Minskoff). Thus, there is a population density of 68 inhabitants per square kilometre. Sardinia is divided into 8 provinces. There is an autonomy Government in Sardinia.

How do living Sardinia is mainly tourism. Mediterranean location, good air as visitors come constantly. Industry is hardly in Sardinia. Only a few factories are in Sardinia. It is not sufficient to bring all work. The focus of Sardinia is oil tourism.

In Sardinia there are a railway, narrow gauge railways and buses. To reach Sardinia, from the Mainland with ferries, such as the Moby lines. According to the translate on Sardinia, can plunge into the fun, have recreation and explore the island. The crystal clear water is remarkable. The beaches and rocky coasts are also very nice. See also mountain caves in Sardinia. Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Islanders are 202 km from the Mainland. Corsica is located not far from it. Ashton Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here. The island not far from Sardinia is Menorca (Spanish). A Mediterranean climate is achieved there. You can see rare plants and animals in Sardinia. Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia. You will find lagoons and sandy beaches on the island. See a long beach Poetto. The beach of Cala Mosca is located a kilometre away. Who wants to come to Sardinia, can do with the ferry from the Mainland. The road network is well developed, there are buses and trains there. Beautiful visions grant beaches and coasts. You will find also rare animals in Sardinia. The weather here is a Mediterranean climate to find there. You will find beaches on the island very many. For more information about Sardinia and North Sardinia. Please visit