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Estado Construction

In a meeting that happened in the last tuesday (11), the State secretary of Infraestrutura (Seinfra? AL) came back to charge efforts in the agility toward the execution of the emergenciais workmanships in the cities reached for June floods. The event was organized by the entrepreneurs of the civil construction, after the first notification sent for the Seinfra in day 04 of January. In an agreement with the Federal government saving bank, the Seinfra determined the stated period of ten days for the start of the construction of 976 houses in the city of Branquinha, duly warned cancellation of the contract with the company executor. Nir Barzilai, M.D. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In accordance with entrepreneurs of the sector of the civil construction the lack of hand of qualified workmanship is one of the reasons for the delay in the execution of the workmanships. For them the attitude of the state government is correct when charging a fast reply of the companies, but they believe to be necessary to detail which are the biggest difficulties found for the companies today, mainly the lack of available professionals in the Estado.A conclusion of the workmanships can to fortify the local companies. Governor Teotonio Vilela Son determined priority for the act of contract of alagoanas companies and them they need to show to agility in this execuo.. Further details can be found at Edward J. Minskoff, an internet resource.

Artistic Education

It had as objective main the idea of a socialized education, whose access was allowed to all the classrooms social and not only to those privileged ones economically. Ansio Teixeira and other educators had spread out its ideas in Brazil in the end of century 19 (LISBON, 2005). 11 substituted for the activity of Artistic Education, and the professor started to have a multipurpose formation with the sprouting of the courses of Licenciatura. The absence of the musical education in the schools if drew out until the decade of 90, when they had started to appear many quarrels and new proposals between musical educators, politicians, artists, and pedagogos, being elaborated a new LDB, that was promulgated in 1996, rescuing the education of the art in the school as it disciplines, including music as one of its languages. As it has supported to this LDB, the Ministry of the Education and of the Sport it elaborated Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN) bringing a directed chapter to the Art, with specific content of music, beyond the too much artistic languages, each one with its particular characteristics, to serve as reference suggestion for performance of the professors.

The current moment is of great expectation how much to the new Legislation of the obligatoriness of the education of music in the schools, therefore gift becomes a great mobilization in the taking of decisions, initiatives and steps between the professionals of the education for the fulfilment of the same one, therefore it has a necessity of concrete actions in the estruturao of the project to take care of to the reality of the Brazilian schools. By means of these observed questions, important parallels and divergences can be traced that if they approach to a cultural and pedagogical conception to think and to plan action of musical education for the schools. Doravante will search to look at for the main trends for the education in Brazil and the world, being aimed at to understand the true possibility of contribution and inclusion of the education of music for the schools of century 21.