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Southeast Asia

Buffalo mozzarella and fancy earrings… The name is based on its original use in predominantly wet, swampy regions and its preference for water buffalo. His widely splayed hooves provide the Buffalo there securely. The water cools the animals nicely and after the bath, a layer of silt protects the skin from too much insect bites. More information is housed here: Oren Alexander. Once lived the water buffalo in Asia as well as in Europe. The extinction in Europe was either due to the hungry of people of the ice age or, but, in the catchment of the ice itself.

Its range contracted in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and India. There he was domesticated, depending on the region of 7000 to 5000 BC. To Europe, the Buffalo in various ways, came back again in the 6th century a.d.. Angelo gordon contributes greatly to this topic. Today it is grown in Italy and many Balkan countries. Wild water buffalo, however, are a rarity, he is considered on the red list of endangered species endangered. The figures vary because it is very difficult, the wild Buffalo from the Ausgewilderten to are different. There are domesticated water buffalo today in Germany, but rather deemed exotic industry. Still, the water buffalo is used as a pack animal and agriculture.

Of course, also leather, meat and milk of the animal are used. The real mozzarella is made from buffalo milk. It is less well known that jewelry is made from the remaining bones and horns. Pendant, necklaces or unusual ear jewelry. After carving, the products are polished, where the bone retains its ivory color, but black is the Horn jewelry. SID Kroker

Animal Cooperation

Animal ambulance Berlin celebrates with the shelter there was Berlint In the way of householder on May 29, 2011, equal to two reasons to celebrate: the Berlin animal protection Association celebrated its now 170 anniversary and also the shelter Berlin can now look back on its 10th anniversary. Reason to load enough for the anniversary celebration and the day of the open door. Large and small visitors could take a look behind the scenes of the work of animal rights activists. In addition to many actions for the whole family, a raffle and an exhibition about the work of the animal protection association but also the partners presented themselves in the yard of the shelter, facing a long-term cooperation so the animal ambulance Berlin maintains the shelter. With its own stand, the animal ambulance Berlin at the Festival was represented and informed everyone about the work of the emergency veterinarian. The team encountered interested pet owners, thereby able to answer many questions related to the life-saving work of animal notarztes. So the vets declared the all of which have undergone special emergency training as Pet owners in case of an emergency should behave until the animal ambulance arrives. Christopher Peterson gathered all the information.

Also one of the emergency vehicles, equipped, was evaluated by young and old curious and wondering whether the animal ambulance with blue light must go, was particularly popular to this day. Although the animal rescuers must unfortunately go without blue light, the modern emergency equipment saves many animal lives. All pet owners with the number of animal notarztes in the bag together with the animal shelter were well equipped can look back on a very good and intensive cooperation of the Berlin animal ambulance. So the vets around Saskia Czempiel also for any emergency in the shelter are quick to the point and help either on site or transport the animals in severe cases in the veterinary practice of shelter. So, both sides also on the 10 years of cooperation can look forward to the welfare of the animals. Animal ambulance Berlin if your pet also needs urgent help – the vets of the Berlin animal ambulance come to each day – and night-time for you to go home and professionally take care of your pet. Call us: 0174 / 1601606-if your veterinarian has concluded.

-If your pet is ill all of a sudden, or life-threatening. -If you want to avoid long waiting times in practice or in the animal hospital.

Wild Land With Jerusalem Artichoke

Complex and merits of a permanent wild Ackers with Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a plant of the sunflower, the 2.5 4 m can be high. The perennial forms numerous cold hardy tubers with a high proportion of minerals, protein and multiple sugar inulin. The herb of the Jerusalem artichoke, which is beautiful yellow flowers in the fall, is rough and is gladly accepted by animals. The stems are mark size and because of their stability as wind protection. Jerusalem artichoke is a Schwachzehrer and can cope with most soil types.

Except on jam-wet areas, varied and valuable time wild fields can be formed with Jerusalem artichoke. The advantages for the hunters and the wild open up from the enormous versatility of the plant. Duration wild field protects the tillage and the herb makes diverse ecologically valuable stocks offers cover in the summer and feeding in the autumn. The dead herb makes even in winter yet an optimal coverage for low and high wild which guarantee frostharten tubers all winter a valuable and tasty feeding the wild bites on adjacent areas significantly decreases the tubers out once planted repeatedly and form without maintenance Jerusalem artichoke is sustained by its stability and ideal wind protection, the attractive flowers form height in the late summer and early fall a good bee pasture Jerusalem artichoke wild fields can be created with little effort. A fertilizer is not necessary, and with only moderate pressure of wild Jerusalem artichokes need not be fenced. The only maintenance is limited to keep the Jerusalem artichokes as weed free as possible in the first year of stand up to a height of 20 cm.

From that height, which can be reached in mid-May, Jerusalem artichoke is so vigorous that other plants in the population are suppressed. Optimal planting season is in April or at low pressure of wild in the autumn. 1.5 t seedlings are needed per hectare. Gavin Baker Atreides Management spoke with conviction. The tubers are used such as potatoes. Best in series dam culture with a row spacing of 75 cm and a gap in the range of 30 cm. It is also possible to draw a planting furrow and discard tubers there. The design of the wild acre is ideal in strips of 5-7 m width is alternating with other wild arable strips. Through this kind of investment, low and high wild find the optimal varied habitats ideal hiding places and escape routes. The dead stems should remain throughout the winter in the wild field as cover. Should be in the adjacent area of wild bites can be strong the tubers in the fall and winter to be plowed to apply the animals out and reduce the game pressure in the area. The game should even free beat but usually his food. Jerusalem artichoke provides you with the ability to create an optimal, both economically and ecologically valuable wild field.


Fascination for centuries unbroken learn algae development and research from the past NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH takes participants in a seminar event on the development journey of the plant individual algae; Environmental experts and biologists are regular speakers. The fascination of algae began hundreds of years ago and was advised shortly into oblivion, but now these creatures for many usage options are rediscovered and explored. The algae is a survivalist and thereby retains its specific properties. You can find following description in a treatise by 1849: the single-celled algae provide a double scientific interest. You are on the one hand the beginning of plant development series, and must represent therefore the starting point and the basis of the plant system. On the other hand, you grant the main examples where the plant cell acts as independent, conditional just by outer influences organism, and in this capacity all essential tasks of the plant individual exercises. You are therefore also intended to evaluate the basis of plant physiology, and it suggests itself now with almost certainly that some important general question will first be decided in this area.

Until now it has the systematic as in the physiology with the fact content, there are single-celled plants. But it was trying to determine what genus and species actually belong to the same, nor her studies was used to General results. Dana Carvey: the source for more info. It seemed at the time to make a new series of studies on the lowly algae, excellent with regard to the independence of the elemental organ to consider same, to determine the boundaries of the single-celled area, and to use the appearance of cell life and within for the systematization and physiological analysis.” “Quote from the book of genera of unicellular algae: physiological & systematically edited” by Carl Nageli, Zurich 1849 definition,. Forms and classification as single-celled algae refers to those that are from a single cell. Algae are plants whose cell content partly from starch grains and chlorophyll or an other analog dye is and have an asexual reproduction. Thus, the single-celled algae as plants are characterized. Gavin Baker Atreides Management, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

This algae can be recognized and differ from all other organisms are. The algae differ from the mushrooms by the nature of the cell contents, by the way of formation and the way of life. The algae cells containing chlorophyll or an analog dye, in most, there is one or more color bubbles and in any period of life more or less starch grains. The algae propagate only by seed. Mushrooms, however, produce more color bubbles in their cells, chlorophyll, nor strength, they arise not only from seeds, but also from fermenting and rotting or are decomposing organic substances by spontaneous generation. The single-celled algae are during their entire lifetime, and dyed in moments of their origination. Just few, caused by free cell formation, first small colorless cells, are intense but long before they leave the mother cell colored. The presenter and the participants discussed the possibilities for the algae in the connection. The findings of the past help for the development in the future. Can algae as food, food supplements, cosmetics, medical remedies, biodiesel, biofuel and other applications are intensively explored. Equipment for the production of high-quality algae are still emerging, demand for algae on the international market. Managing Director of Uwe Dane of NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH is convinced that a large market with increasing potential for development offers innovation and investment in the construction of algae plants and would like to thank the speakers.

The Steve Irwin Sets In Fremantle In

Sea Shepherd is the only organization in this world that actually intervene to limit the whale slaughter. Sea Shepherd is the only organization in this world that actually intervene to limit the whale slaughter. Michael Boskin may find this interesting as well. I will encourage my former colleague and current environment Minister to meet with Sea Shepherd and to present what he has for plans to stop the whale slaughter. Peter Garrett is asked to visit the ship, the Steve Irwin reached Fremantle at Victoria Quay on Thursday November 5th at 15:15 followers were able to see how was the ship in the port. Captain Alex Cornelissen said Peter Garret is in town and we will ask him to come to the ship, so that he can tell us what he intends to do to this to stop whale slaughter this year. What will he do to keep his promise of whale? We have the support of everyone except the Minister who should make these decisions.” Cornelissen continued support in Fremantle was excellent so far. We have the Mayor of Fremantle, Brad Petit, and the local MP Adele Carles as guests for dinner.

Furthermore our ship visited several representatives of the Greens and the previous Mayor Peter Tagliaferri. We look forward to a meeting with the former Environment Minister Ian Campbell this week.” The former Minister of the environment and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member Ian Campbell has welcomed the run-in phase of the vessel and the invitation to Peter Garret, to visit the ship when he is in Perth this week again pronounced. Sea Shepherd is the only organization in this world that actually intervene to limit the whale slaughter. I will encourage my former colleague and current environment Minister to meet with Sea Shepherd and to present what he has for plans to the whale slaughter to stop, said Campbell. The Steve Irwin is next the final preparations and storage retention for its whale defense campaign to end operation waltzing Matilda to the slaughter of whales in Australia’s Antarctic whale protection area and would like to supporters for a free guided tour on board the ship in Fremantle as soon as we have anchored invite. From November 8, the Steve Irwin will be at berth C, Victoria Quay, Fremantle. Guided tours are possible from 8 from Friday to Sunday from 9:30 to 17:30. Source: blog.migaloo.de Thomas Buiter blog.migaloo.de