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Marketing Principles

MARKETING PRINCIPLES You have that to think as she will commercialize its products or services. Service is not enough to only have a good product/. One remembers the last time that bought a periodical, a wallet of cigarettes or made a fast snack. Why it bought, specifically, this product/service? It was in the certain PLACE for you; It was back in the ALIAS PROCESS for you; It was to a certain PRICE for you; It was the certain PRODUTO/SERVIO for you and you WISE PERSON who it was there! He now thinks about the product or service that its business offers or that it plans to offer. It will be appropriate for its customers as well as, its last purchase was appropriate for you? Some entrepreneurs imagine that the product/service and its price are everything that interests! How you will inform to the people on its business? How much you can invest in Advertising? Where its probable customers if inform on the supplying sources for what they buy? They read periodicals, magazines, see TV, have access the Internet or listen to radio? They are knowing of products and services through friends and neighbors, or them they see in the establishments when pass? When (days and schedules) its probable customers prefer to make purchases? You will be able to take care of them in these days and schedules? Its customers will come until its business to buy of you? In case that negative, that ' ' canais' ' you will use for atingiz them? The wholesalers, peddlers, representatives, its proper salesmen, or what? How much he will cost to carry its merchandises until where are the people who will go to buy them? to pay the people who, effectively, make the sales (such as, wages, and/or allowance for expenses, commissions, etc)? You already included these costs in its price? What its customers think of you and of its salesmen (case its business is retail)? The customers trust and believe them? Contrary case as you will be able to improve its ' ' imagem' ' (that is, the impression that the people have on its business and on people it)? Reinaldo Consulting Mller of Marketing email:

RDC Foods

Each more common time becomes the habit of the people to make its meals in restaurants, either for praticidade, either for the scarcity of time of if dislocating from the work for house. This comment caused the great growth of restaurants, mainly of food the kilo in Macei. This growth, has its positive side when it mentions the variety of options, the fast attendance and, the times, the low cost. But for us, professionals of the feeding area the negative side is the indifference of some establishments how much the inocuidade of foods, that is, the control lack hygienical-bathroom in the production and manipulation of these foods. Such lacks, make possible the DTAs (illnesses transmitted for foods), that they can cause since nauseas, vomits and diarreias, until the death. Contact information is here: Edward Minskoff. The DTAs can be caused by contaminations of physical order (hair, rock, glass, etc), chemistry (agrotxicos, products of cleanness, etc) and biological (bacteria, fungos, virus parasites), being this finish the .causing greater of the problem according to data of the Health department, therefore it is through the contamination for the aureus bacteria Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella that if enters the majority of the DTAs. which the cares that we must have? In first place, we must observe the installations of the establishments; it observes if it exists saladas and hot slopes cooled for meats, accompaniments and garrisons.

The conditional foods in ambient temperature have greater after probability of proliferation of microorganisms a drawn out period of exposition. Very well-taken care of for saladas that they take maionese, therefore the maioneses caretakers can be contaminated with Salmonella, therefore they are produced with eggs in natura (raw), different of the industrialized maioneses, that pass for pasteurizao process. It observes the frequency of the replacements. If to want, you will be able to request a visit the kitchen, since that it obeys the security procedures, using the EPIS (equipment of security individual) necessary, supplied for the establishment. It observes the cleanness, the clothes of the professionals and its behavior, that the use of adornments does not allow (rings, earrings, bracelets, etc). The presence of feeding professionals (Nutritionists, Technician and Managers in Foods), confirms the credibility of the establishment, therefore it determines the certainty of a specialized accompaniment. Redoubled cares the children, aged, gestantes and imunodeprimidas people, are part of the group of risk when the feeding is mentioned, therefore they are susceptveis the DTAs, therefore, must prevent foods as fruits of the sea, meats badly passed and products manufactured with eggs in natura. The ANVISA (national agency of sanitary monitoring) YOU AIM AT and them (Monitoring sanitary state and municipal) very have made to inhibit the indifference with the alimentary security in some establishments. Through resolution RDC 216/04, the ANVISA established norms and procedures for the food manufacture, are about the Good ones You practise of Manufacture of Foods and the POPs (standardized operational procedures). The Good companies who possess the certification in Practical of Manufacture and the Quality control have more credibility for it to offer a free feeding of contaminations.

Administrative Management

In its 35 years of existence, the State University of Fair of Santana (UEFS) adhered to some plans of administrative management, enters most important, is had: Strategical planning (FOOT), Plan of Institucional Desenvolvimento (PDI), and, recently, Managing Plan of Gesto (PDG). All these plans of management had been studied and implemented to take care of the population, each more demanding time and to promote the Regional Development in the city of Fair of Santana and surrounding area. When implementing strategies inside of a public institution of superior education, executing and to guarantee the support and continuity of the same one, the manager must consider the important organizacionais aspects, that if well will not be analyzed can compromise the performance of the plans of administrative management, as the organizacional culture, that in many cases can dominate the choice of the strategical changes, determining the taking of decisions. So that the management plans can be executed with effectiveness, it is necessary to socialize the information, to involve the people and to motivate to participate them it of the implemented decisions of form to establish pointers, that not only allow to greater strategical and financial performance, but, also, that they reflect with bigger exactness the results produced for the same ones. The great question is as to involve the people and to motivate to participate them it of this process. The article aims at to identify the level of envolvement of the people before the implementation of the plans of administrative management e, the results of this will be gotten by means of research in lease and bibliographical survey..

Ramthum Transport

As secondary canals, they meet supplying, logistic operator, shipowners, customs broker and maritime transport. 6,3 Primary activities of the LogsticEm all entorno enterprise, the logistic one if detaches as activity of main influence in the total costs. In it, the transport, the maintenance of supplies and the processing of order are primary activities, therefore they contribute with bigger parcel in the logistic cost and are essential for the coordination and the fulfilment of the logistic task. In Continental the Tires, the primary activities are managed in way that generate reduction of expenses, the secondary ones? storage, manuscript of materials, packings and etc. Jorge Perez recognizes the significance of this. – they are co-ordinated to cooperate with the industrial operations. Transport, ha an incessant search in the reduction of the operational costs of the transport. In Brazil, if it becomes a paradox, therefore the road meshes do not contribute with this.

Fallings, assaults and I the condition of the roads are some of the gargalos faced for the Brazilian transporters. As transport strategy, Continental the Tires, it decides to adhere the terceirizadas transporters. With this it has a celeridade in the spraying of the deliveries, transport companies invest in technology offering trustworthiness in the deliveries by means of shipment tracking. For example, the Brazilian company of Ramthum transports, possesss one high investment in technology, its fleet of carts, is installed tracking in real time, cameras of video in the cabin of the driver and a system antirobery that disactivates the engine and stops the trunk. These technological item pass thus trust to its customers. However, it must be taken caution, and be established penalties for not fulfilling the stated periods established, as the power of the delivery time is with the terceirizada company, for this reason, must have a rigorous process of choice of the transporter, therefore it will go to represent the company in the deliveries. According to Lacerda, 2000 have two types of distribution structures: spaced out structure and direct structure.

Education in Rome

Authors: Murillo de Melo Macdo – murillomacedo@ yahoo.com.br Pablo Robert Corra Lion – Summary Approaches information on the management of projects, inside of the optics of the PMI, and its increasing importance with regard to the elaboration of educational projects. &#039 points definitions of some authors on the term; ' projeto' ' , ' ' management of projetos' ' ' ' projects educacionais' ' , including boardings of the PMBOK Guide. Without hesitation Estee Lauder explained all about the problem. It presents statistical data raised by ' ' Study of Benchmarking in Management of Brazil Projects 2007' ' , for ' ' Study of Benchmarking in Management of Brazil Projects 2008' ' on the development of projects in educational units of the Net Marista de Ensino, gotten by means of research. It discourses on the necessity of a good management of educational projects in the Maristas units and its importance as a strategical differential of the Institution on its competitors. 1.INTRODUO Projects are part of the life of all and any human being since its existence. Exactly older homindeos already longed for small projects. Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This if intensified, mainly, with the discovery of the fire, the metal, and certainly with the invention of the writing.

Some projects developed in the antiquity remain in our way until today and still they fascinate for its genius. The pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseu in Rome, the Wall of China, the afrescos of the Sistina Chapel, between several others, are classic examples of successful projects. The first standardized experience in the elaboration of a project happened in the military area, in the height of the Cold War, in dc. 50. The launching of the Sputinik satellite, for the Soviet Union, made with that the United States started to invest in the development of techniques to speed up the implementation of projects in the military sector. From then on, the standardization and the use of specific methods in the elaboration of projects, passed to be incorporated by innumerable companies.