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International Expansion

Innovadom, portal real estate leader at international level on the Internet, currently has 170 agents across Europe, begins its process of Expansion, this time have been selected countries France, Russia and Germany to implement his system of promotion real estate to reinforce its web portal, in this process of Expansion, in the months of January to may 2012 will attend more prestigious international real estate fairs, including INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SHOW in London, INMOBILIEN SALON BERLiN in Berlin, INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SHOW and REALTEX in Moscow or MIPIM in Cannes-France Innovadom is a company composed of professionals within the field of real estate management committed to a revolutionary way of understanding the real estate market. It has an extensive network of agents worldwide, thus facilitating rapprochement to their clients, customized with the aim of achieving effective sale purchase and in the as soon as possible of their properties. From its real estate portal you can find, visit, buy, and sell your home, your business or your field.. .

Rental Apartments

Choosing a destination for a holiday is not easy, but less is still choosing an accommodation. The choice will depend on the duration of stay, type of travelers who make the trip and budget. Fabrizio Fredas opinions are not widely known. The most popular destinations are coastal, especially in the summer season. Currently the Spaniards prefer domestic tourism, spending their vacation on the Costa Dorada or the Costa del Sol. Apartment rental is especially interesting for families or large groups and long vacation periods. The first advantage that presents this kind of rent is space: each Member of the family can have their own bedroom but, at the same time, sharing a space with the rest.

It is also very economical and practical since having kitchen, it avoids having to make all the meals in a restaurant and having to stick to schedules. And, without a doubt, the main advantage is comfort. Today the best way to find apartments for rent is the internet, since both real estate and private put at the disposal of the users all their rental deals. Simply enter appropriate search terms, as, for example, accommodation Costa Dorada in a search engine.

Great Participation

In AmigoAutos anniversary in social networks and to celebrate we’ve launched a competition on Facebook. In the contest, which is having a great praticipacion, you can win a weekend stay in MALLORCA for two people. Participating is very easy, you only have to become a fan of AmigoAutos on Facebook page and send us through the contest tab your greeting more funny, sympathetic, or emotional. You can see the numerous congratulations that we have already received for inspiring, there are some very funny. The winner will be one having the greatest number of points on June 28. How can these points I get? You earn points for every friend that you invite to participate, by every friend who participate through your invitation or publish the contest on your wall. Of course also will earn points for every vote received your greeting, how much more original is more likely will have to win! The winner will enjoy two great days touring the island of Mallorca with a car rental from AmigoAutos and you can stay next to the person that you choose in a hotel 4 * thanks to AmigoBeds. Wait no longer! It is the best opportunity to enjoy Majorca in a very economic way..

Prague City Of The Hundred Towers

In the heart of Czech Republic, in the region of Bohemia, we come to Prague a city in the 9th century, also known as the city of 100 spires or the Golden City. Despite not being a city so named as Paris or Rome, it is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to its picturesque historic centre, which since 1992 is considered world heritage, to its great cultural legacy and its beauty. Some of the great artistic monuments that can be found in this beautiful city are the Prague Castle from the 9th century, the St. Vitus Cathedral or the bridge San Carlos, but without forgetting at all other points of tourist attraction much more recent as House dancer designed under influences deconstructivist. The best time in which visit Prague it could say that it is spring and autumn, since despite being rainy months, these are times of the year in which the hours of light and temperatures offered us a better balance. At the time of Choose an accommodation in Prague is good to study the possibility of looking for hotels near the neighborhoods of Stare M? sto, Mala Strana and Hrad? any, that in these areas are some of the great palaces containing Prague. This does not have to be synonymous with be expensive in post housing that adequately seeking cheap hotels can be found in numerous areas of the city.