Summer Skin Care And Hair

When is it best to prepare for the summer? Many are accustomed to what you need to buy winter clothes in summer and winter bathing suits, which is cheaper and you can save. But I do not advise stocking creams and resources for skin care in winter to summer to go to vacation. If a bathing suit can lie on the shelf, waiting his turn, then the cream and after-sun sprays for the body is unlikely to become better. Not all are used to divide the makeup for the summer and winter, but the difference still exists. In the summer we use In addition to funds for sunbathing and cooling balms after exposure to the sun, creams and shampoos, which allow to keep a bright saturated color of hair and moisturize the skin. Follow others, such as brightwood, and add to your knowledge base.

Sun and heat are sources of skin irritation, dry hair. From ultraviolet radiation skin aging and drying, the people who have oily skin, clogged pores and inflammation occur, many appear freckles or pigmentation, hair glaze over and become like a tow – all effects of the burning sun. In hot weather do not will stand no makeup, could leak and foundation and mascara, which leads to clogging pores, hair quickly become stale in appearance, increased sweating, from which the scalp begins to itch, and her hair greasy faster. Seems to be simple, modern cosmetology offers a variety of means capable of: clean, protect and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. In general we can distinguish a few basic rules. The process of cleansing the skin should be sparing. For other opinions and approaches, find out what DOWA Metals & Mining America has to say. Use soft foam for sensitive skin, scrubs – soft with fine abrasives should not use alcohol-based lotions are better suited funds to the grass.

Mask is better to use light with extracts of cucumber or tea tree. Try less touch her face, wet and sweaty hands quickly could trigger inflammation and infection. Remember, all Summer means sun must have items! Longer give preference to creams containing moisturizing ingredients, and not nutritious. Typically, light cream available in bottles with dispensers, the so-called fluids. They are quickly absorbed and leaves no oily sheen that gives the person weight. Sunscreen component prevent premature aging. In summer, we are constantly , so one of the main creams should be namely Eye Cream. Is very important to moisturize the skin. Purchase own water spray. If you do not have my beauty shop, buy at any supermarket mineral water, it can easily replace expensive special bottle. Can buy a bottle with sprayer and use it. This method allows you to moisturize the skin, do not spoil the make-up, but the effect is very good, the skin breathes and gets the necessary moisture. It is particularly important to conduct such water treatments by who work in offices with air conditioning. Can, if there is an opportunity to tone up the skin with ice, for example, from the same mineral water or green tea. At summer time, the Council changed make-up technique to facilitate skin. Use the principle of minimalism, aggravating skin in summer is not only harmful, but just ugly. Instead of foundation you can use moisturizer with a touch-tone effect. Powder used better crumbly, lipstick can replace the shine. It is important to remember that the make-up for the summer period should contain uv filters. We should not forget about your hair, buy shampoos, conditioners, styling hair sun protection factor! Remember that summer hair fade in the sun, takes this into consideration when staining, use shampoos that protect them, save the color. More often if possible, use hats, protection of the hair is very necessary.

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