Successful Completion

com + plus students pass the exam to the PR-Manager Munster, 27 March 2009 – eight students of the education and Training Institute have filed their final examination to the PR Manager com + plus. A year-long com + plus has prepared the participants in his Munster training center. All graduates of distance learning have passed the exam last Friday (April 24) at the Centre for applied communication (ZAK). The com + plus study covers all relevant areas of the PR profession ranging from the theoretical foundations of communication PR conception”, so Dr. Nick rhodes understands that this is vital information. Jochen Voss, Deputy Managing com + plus. 12 books with more than 2000 pages have edited the participants of distance education. In addition she participated in five workshops, to become acquainted with the practice of the profession.

While studying PR com + plus prepares its participants not only on the final exam. The reference to the professional PR life should be always clear for our students”, says Voss, the relevance of the practice in the foreground of the education is thus”. The day of the examination at the ZAK starts by creating a PR campaign, which must present the students into the port. This is followed by a 40-minute knowledge test to the PR and communication theory. Their theses in the form of a comprehensive PR concept have previously written the new PR Manager. Sure, they had three months time. ZAK is a non-commercial working Club, which was founded by members of the Institute for communication science of the Westphalian Wilhelms University. Chairman of the Audit Committee is Prof.

Dr. Joachim Westerbarkey. The title bear now PR Manager: Cornelia freedom (Berlin), Andrea Grimm (Stuttgart), Vanessa Gronau (Dusseldorf), Inga T. Kukula (Monheim am Rhein), Anja Neumann (Duisburg), Ina Pfeiffer (Bonn), Nicole Schmitt (Oldenburg) and Markus Waschinski (Bonn). Photo Note: In the photo you see the new PR Manager Dr. Jochen Voss (links, Deputy Managing com + plus). Your contact: Ina Temme com + plus GmbH, hammer str. 39, 48153 Munster telephone: 0251-2007-9273, fax: 0251-1627-184 email: Web: com + plus is one of the leading training institutes for the communications industry and specializes in the in-service training and communication experts.

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