State University

To achieve this the educational process, as, for example, the University of London, is required much more time. The structure of this university is comprised of numerous institutes and colleges that have sovereignty, the university is engaged in general administration. People say, How can the proposed consolidation of high schools can affect the students, in terms of training and on the overall situation in HIGH SCHOOL? We decided to find out from students themselves, in public institutions of higher education learning process takes place in the most favorable conditions: a large or small? After all of this depends in part on students' ability to perceive information. Students most diverse universities in Moscow answered the same questions … – control and discipline of school attendance – about relationships with faculty and lectures on the environment – the relationship with the dean and solutions problems – for recreation, food in the dining room, state of classrooms and much more. The results of the survey surprising. For example, Alexander, a graduate of State University of Management (for all parameters large, the number of students 15 000) wrote: "In all the classrooms are very dirty – garbage, candy wrappers, bottles of yogurt. Feeling that you are removed once a week …

The corruption of admission to a decent height. Claims also to the administration were constant. As if we did not hear. It was all crooked, not organized, forever undone. " She was echoed by Olga, a student at the Russian Academy of Economics. Plekhanov: "Communication with dean's office we have almost no. By the time we come to school (I'm a night school), the dean often have no one … If you compare the technical condition of CEA with other universities, such as the HSE, the branch that I was in my preparatory department, the CEA – far behind. In the Higher School of Economics and furniture and equipment at a very high level.

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