Special Conditions For MyHammer For Young Master Until 31 October

Special conditions for MyHammer for young master until October 31 up to 350 euros starting credit for master craftsmen under 40 years also in the Internet have older craftsman action to the Federal Congress for the Juniors of the craft a role Berlin/Cottbus, the September 30, 2010 from 1 to 3 October meeting of the 54th Congress of the Union Junior of the craft in Cottbus. On this occasion, young artisans get a starting balance up to 40 years when purchasing a MyHammer partner package by up to 350 euros. Interested in craft Juniors must sign up to October 31, 2010 at MyHammer, decide for a perfect partner package, and then send an E-mail to; they get the corresponding starting balance then credited to their account. As all contractors with MyHammer must also participating craft Juniors their qualifications to prove: only, who shall submit a master craftsman and his ID with a birth date from November 1, 1970, gets the credit. * it is noteworthy that today that older craftsmen make the younger, like in the Internet customer and orders WINS: 59 percent of contractor active with MyHammer are 40 years and older.

This was the result of a MyHammer survey late August of 934 craftsmen and service providers. Alone the 40 up 49 year olds use the by far most active age group almost 40 percent among the MyHammer craftsmen. You thus benefit larger backlog compared to the industry average from a better utilization, and total are satisfied. * Markus Berger-de Leon, CEO of the MY-HAMMER AG: we want to help younger craftsmen and champions with our action to the Congress of the Union of craft junior its launch into independence. “Their older counterparts of the craft already know it: 60,000 new tenders in the month of lucrative contracts are in each trade, which not only young founder its operation with the help of MyHammer very effectively up and remove the can.” * terms and conditions: considered the evidence to be craft junior, a master craftsman in connection with a passport, birth date must not be before November 1, 1970.

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