Social Panorama

Hardly anyone knows about un yet we all use it. The effect of the specially selected inner mental structure installation by people to whom we will a relationship wheels very often underestimated. Close your eyes once… Think of a person who has enriched your love life earlier. A person who is no longer in your currently active world of relationship, but still always to bounce their thoughts. Note where in your imagination the person exactly localized. Direction, distance, facial expression, eye level are some of the interesting aspects.

Step 2: Now think of your current BeziehungspartnerIn and watch where this image is built exactly. Distance, direction, eye and facial expression. What can believe it means, if the featured first person located closer to you, in your field of vision is perhaps Central, may even be the eye level and if necessary more smiles at your current life partner… Now you are correct with your guess, has the right to say. Lucas Derks tackles such the internal representation of social relations. Assuming that we humans make off our relations with others, so our social world, in the form of inner landscapes, users of technology enter a kind of mental landscape of the site. He calls “Social Panorama” this landscape.

Depending on how far away, in which colours, in what size or what mood and with what feelings we perceive another person this characterizes our relationship with this person. The question: What exactly characterizes our relationship with another person and in what extent relations are changeable? The thesis places are relationship”. The idea of the Social Panorama allows ‘virtual’ lineups. Within the consultation, a coaching or therapy, this method offers the possibility to illuminate the relationship with co-workers, supervisors, customers or individual family members. Change the Social Panorama can also own self image and trust very have a positive influence. This technique is in combination with other procedures, entrance to intensive alteration work. Tip: In June 2012 is in the NLP Academy of Stepout (Dresden ) Saxony Germany) the world’s rare opportunity to learn about Lucas not only within the framework in part an event. “From 6-10 June 2011 there will be the possibility, his training program for the certified Social Panorama consultant” to take part. For many interested in flying to Brazil. I’ve seen him and his wundererbare technique in the effect and change work. Apart from the fact that it excellently succeed to the to give solutions to any existing problem the above forward task, he himself is worth to seek one of the rare places in training as man and coach wall is up simply.

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