Satsang Thirty

I am currently the PhD student in holistic education am studying the fourth semester, and long ago had studied the masters in holistic education for sustainable development, the International Foundation for the holistic education, in which Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is the President of the same and main representative of the holistic education worldwide, the experience that has left me be part of this new paradigm in educationIt is something totally different from what I had studied, I have Bachelor degree in Chemical drug biologist and my training was purely mechanistic, so to introduce me to program me change life completely. Whenever Related Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I met people who think like me, that same society we noted as rare by our way of thinking, but seek a same purpose be happy starting with me and those who are to my around contagiaran. Before entering this program I didn’t know what was to meditate, what it was to know myself through the self, calm my mind to let my inner self, but since I am studying the holistic education in a practice that I do daily for thirty to forty minutes, and the changes are noticeable in many aspectshow for example admiring beauty in the simple details that gives us life itself, dawn, dusk, to maintain equanimity to difficult situations, giving value to the things that are really worth and not material things, etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Albert Einstein College of Medicine and gain more knowledge.. Recently in the city of chapar the Jalisco, took out the Satsang (spiritual for meeting the) spirit), nine to July eleven, in which we participated around thirty people, practicing meditation for more than two hours, and most surprising was that my body remained serene, I not imagine that it would therefore be in meditation time but it was something that me recharge energy, besides that there was an integration of participants in another level, the spiritual level, in which words and spirits are those who leave each one of us to unite in one single. .

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