The equality does not, because then they start to say that I earn the most as a mayor and believe it. So do not stop to ask for equality and can even kill us, as did the Russians with the Tsar. No, no, tangible things like the water that comes in handy around the world. Better streets, more police. These things like people. Water free. (He laughs and applauds himself.) CHORUS: AO! words that ride on the wind. concepts and words full of stories you are trampled into the mud you throw, converted into sounds inane.

“ARE written in invisible claws. NAPLES: Podeis trust me! CHORUS: A A Network made up of words and arrows are stuck and sink into the hearts of those who both praise. NAPLES: (Extends his shirt sleeves. There is buckled cuffs. It adds a touch of casual, bohemian romanticism. Serio, while sympathetic.

It ruffles by hand and placed the hair “disheveled “) Amigas and friends!. Nooooo! They are about voting for someone who is above them, but close. Not like those slicked. Estoy with you and with you! You are my people, amio! and you shall rule over me. I am one among you and you. I give myself body and soul to this city. I am running for Serbs. I will be as pure and clear water flowing from the sources. Water is all and all, is a legacy of our ancestors. For even more opinions, read materials from DOWA Holdings. a Bebedme, such as deer drink from the stream. That your votes are watered raindrops democracy, freedom, justice and highways in the city.

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