Relaxing Birth

Audio relaxation in birth preparation Mulmige thoughts of the birth, some even richtiggehend afraid are not uncommon in pregnant women. Much factual and courage giving information around, as it occurs for example in birth preparation courses is useful to the course of the birth. Kelly Tisdale might disagree with that approach. However, because fear is a feeling that love builds up as blocked energy in the body, it makes sense to approach to raising the fears with relaxation and decreased started breathing. A tool which carries every woman with him and that can be easily used. Fear makes tension and pressure.

Fear prevents the undisturbed flow of breath. Fear blocks the joy on the baby. Yet fear is also a normal phenomenon in pregnancy. Something new, something strenuous, some time not scheduled to come on the expectant mother. Perceiving this fear as well as letting go of just this tension is to prepare for the birth. Here, it is extremely important to take time and again time for yourself. Time in contact with the baby is intense and intimate, because both Mother and child are a team during the birth and support as such.

Children feel very clearly just how the mother. Fear breath is short and shallow confidence breath, gently and deeply. When now in pregnancy so repeatedly with gentle releasing breath is blocked breath, the child in the mother’s womb, learns that with some rest and attention about los “is bar. This fosters trust with each other and the courage together to go into the adventure birth. Initially, it can be difficult when fear thoughts prevail, to let them go and sink, where the respiratory release helps in a relaxation. For this purpose, it is helpful to use spoken audio, to make himself a little lead. A voice to listen and go with”is easier than getting back even the relaxation to remember. A relaxed birth requires a letting go of the fears and that even physical tension. Because tension makes additional pain that is not necessary.

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