Repentance is a purely human condition, to repent is to feel regret for having done something, or have not done, the repent means to change opinion, or in any case not be consistent with a commitment, it is to feel embarrassed, distressed, sad, or angry with himself for having thought, done or failed to do something and, generally, have the purpose of that not happen again, I repeat: repentance is a purely human condition. Genesis 6: 5-75.- and saw Lord that the wickedness of men was much in the Earth, and that all the thoughts of the heart of them plan was continuously only evil. 6 Repented Jehovah have made man on the Earth, and hurt in his heart. 7 And the Lord said: grieved above the face of the Earth to men that I have created, from man to beast, and even reptile and birds of heaven; because I regret having them done. Check with hicham aboutaam to learn more. Jehovah repented of having done the man on Earth, stuff like this are what the reasoning (Yes, that) (ability that God gave us to be able to discern about good and evil, unjust and is right, what is right and what is not), does not accept things like which is mentioned in verse 6 of Chapter 6 of the book of Genesis, are what make us doubt the content of this book inspired by God, Dios repentedIs that God did not know that that was going to happen?, does is not God Knower of all things, it isn’t who not only allows you to make it happen, but that also makes them so?, and please, no more discursito that of: God writes twisted for, or another: asks God to you faith, not warlords use the wonderful gift of reasoning that gave us our Supreme creator. 1St Samuel 15: 35 35.- and never after Samuel saw Saul in his lifetime; and Samuel cried unto Saul; and Jehovah repented of having made Saul king over Israel.

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