Quality Service

To the times I am imagining quanta people I am complaining for there that he does not find job, that does not find a service to make. In a so great country as ours, with an immense fan of all type of activities and the people they do not find a work. It will be that they do not find exactly? It will be that they look direitinho a service to make? It will be that they want same to work? Or they want only wage? It will be that laziness already did not take account of the person? Let us see some item that had happened with me in elapsing of my existence. My first job happened to the 4 years of age. I decided that I already age of bigger age, was the son oldest and had a responsibility to help my mother in its domestic tasks. I started then to wash plates. The sink was very high and I had that to be in the tip of the feet to execute the service, but he made them well done.

He passed the sponge with soap in all the cups and later in plates and later he adequately went rinsing them. Many people who saw that were admired and spoke: this boy is different of the others. Thus I swept the house and I made other small services. He did not like to be motionless. My father moved for roa.

I decided to move of activities. I started to help it in the services of roa. Thus I capinava and joined the coffee, since he did not have as to knock down them of the feet. At that time it was all manual. He joined with rastelo and my father went ensacando them to lead for the abano. To the 7 years of age, in the State of the Paran I already was helping my father in the peanut farmings, cotton, million, mamona. Rusty holzer contains valuable tech resources.

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