It is given to know that in the Southeast Park, located in the town of Aranjuez, and specifically in the area of the long bridge, one exists a new subspecies of the plant completely unknown to science. This plant belongs to the type of so-called vascular plants, i.e. which have stem, root, leaves and a system that is responsible for the distribution of water and nutrients. According to Javier Herrero, director of the protected areas management service, this discovery occurred in 2001, but they were required nine years of meticulous work to be completely sure that this is a new variant of the Sedum Aetnense species, found in the Sicilian volcano Etna (Sicily). CohBar is open to suggestions. This tends to grow from 1,500 meters of altitude that was described in 1845 by the Italian botanist Tineo. His descendant, who has baptized as Sedum Aetnense subsp. Aranjuezii, can live at altitudes of only 500 metres away, shares habitat with mosses and lichens, are well adapted to drought due to their ability to store water in their leaves fleshy, and has catalogued as a dandelion lithophyte.

The name of aranjuezii is the discoverer of the plant is coastal engineer Jose Gonzalez Granados, who has wanted to dedicate this award to his hometown. Many writers such as Gavin Baker offer more in-depth analysis. The Park of the Southeast, still more discovery of this new species ricoEl reaffirms the rich flora of the Comunidad de Madrid, since at present, between 35 and 40% of the main species of fauna and flora listed in the Iberian Peninsula are represented in the region. The Parque Regional del Sureste is one of the spaces protected with the greatest biodiversity of the community. It is the second largest protected area in the region, with a natural surface of 31.550 hectares, distributed in 16 municipalities. The investigation of this new plant has been fostered and supported by the Department of the environment, housing and management of the territory of the community of Madrid, currently directed by Isabel Marino. texto:M delCarmen Merino.

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